Weekly Update

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Gold Ribbon School Awards Banquet

ACHS earned the Gold Ribbon School Award, and as such was honored at the Awards Banquet in Los Angeles this week.  Those in attendance to accept our award were:  Dr. Stephenson, Dr. DeLeon, Dr. McCoy, Ms. Herrera, Ms. Dawson, Ms. Pristera, Ms. Resnik, and Mr. Sachs.


Blood Drive

Our Spring Blood Drive was held on May 16 & May 17.   This was the most successful drive so far at ACHS!  Over the two days, 235 people registered, 193 were able to donate and we collected  an 279 units of lifesaving blood- a truly amazing number.  United Blood Services provided snacks and free T-Shirts to each participant who came to donate.  Helping to save lives never goes out of style.



The ACHS Senior Prom was held on May 13th at The Vineyards in Simi Valley.  The theme was Serendipity.  There were 650 students who attended, and a great time was had by all.  Many, many students went to the After Prom Party sponsored by our PTSA, from 12midnight until 4:30am.  Last week-end was a busy and exciting time!


Teacher of the Month Award

Our very special teacher, Shawn Near, was honored by the Camarillo Chamber of Commerce at our Faculty Meeting this week.  He was showered with positive messages about his outstanding work with our students, Mock Trial teams, Junior Statesmen of America teams, community support and much more.  He received gifts and awards from local businesses.  Mr. Near is so deserving of this award, and we are very pleased that he was recognized.



Guide Dogs of America

Seven Lemoore High School FFA students (and their advisor) who are in the Guide Dogs of America puppy raising program arrived on our campus May 16th.  They spoke to students, teachers, and at our Faculty Meeting.  They provided demonstrations, spoke about themselves and their puppies, their experiences raising these puppies both at home and at school, and answered many questions about the program.  It was very interesting and informative.



Guest Speaker

Holocaust Survivor Clara Knopfler was on campus this week.  She spoke to a crowd of students that filled the gym.  You could have heard a pencil drop, the students were so intent on her message.  She is 90 years old, and was a gracious speaker.  We are so thankful that there are still holocaust survivors alive who are willing and able to speak about their experiences, so that history may never repeat itself again, in this way.  She has written a book, “I Am Still Here, My Mother’s Voice”, and she brought copies that she was autographing as people purchased them.