Weekly Update

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Student Schedules on the First Day of School

Our First Day of School went very smoothly.  For the first time in school history, our students obtained their schedules via StudentVue on their electronic devices.  For those students who didn’t have an electronic device, they were able to access their schedules on the computers in our Career Center.  Another option was to go to the office to obtain a print-out of their schedule.  In our efforts to become a “greener” school, this transition was a great success, while saving trees.


Welcome Back Rally

We had a Welcome Back Rally scheduled for this Friday, but it had to be cancelled due to the heat.  The Rally was to be held outside in our stadium during 4th period.  It was decided that would not be in the best interests of our students or our staff to be outside in the direct sun for that extended period of time.  However, we will be having our Homecoming Rally in just a few weeks!


Counselors’ Corner

Our counselors are working extremely hard to balance classes and correct student schedules that need changes.  They are dedicated, kind and compassionate people, and we are so appreciative of all they are doing.


Principal Chats

The annual “Principal Chats” were held on Thursday of this week.  Dr. Stephenson met with each grade level in the Gym.  Period 1 she met with the Freshman class, Period 2 she met with the Sophomores, Period 3 was with Juniors and Period 4 she met with the Senior Class.  She introduced the administration, counselors, nurse, our new SRO, and our Career Center Technician to the students.   A Power Point presentation covering our school vision, as well as attendance procedures, expectations, safety, etc. was also shown.  It was an informative time for our students.



We gratefully received hundreds of new textbooks over the summer!  Peggy Whitacre, our Textbook Clerk, along with many volunteers, spent hours preparing them for this school year.  Students have been filing into the textbook room with their teachers to pick up their books.  It is quite a process, and has been streamlined to flow very efficiently!


PTSA Luncheon

Our PTSA began the school year spoiling us already.  They hosted a Fiesta Feast for us on Monday, the Teacher Prep Day.  It was very colorfully decorated, with an abundance of food choices.  Teachers and staff took time to sit and relax for a few minutes, and catch up on summer highlights with each other.  It was a day of comraderie and excitement for the beginning of a new year.  Thank you to our generous PTSA.