Weekly Update

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Guest Speaker

We had our Finding Kind “assembly” last week which was super-successful. We appreciated everyone who came. Ms. Pristera delivered some of the notes of apologies the students wrote to each other, and we hope that it begins the healing process for some of our students who have been bullied.


Lunch with the Superintendent

Our staff was honored to have Dr. DeLeon with us on Thursday during the lunch period.  She supplied pizza, soda and water to all who met with her in the Staff Cafeteria.  ACHS employees brought suggestions and ideas to her attention.  We appreciate that she is visible and approachable to our staff.


PSAT Testing

Wednesday of this week was a Minimum Day schedule.  All of our 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students were offered the opportunity to take the PSAT for free.  The test took place on campus from 8am – 12:20pm.  Students were then dismissed for the day.


Senior Activities

On our Wednesday Minimum Day, all senior students were required to report to the Gym for various activities and senior information.  Among the activities were:  Senior Class Cabinet Introductions, College and Career Fair, Voter registration information, Team-building Activities and a motivational speaker.


House of Representatives

Tuesday was our House of Reps meeting during homeroom. Representatives from each classroom went to Room N-5 for the meeting.  They brought back a survey on survey monkey to their respective homerooms.  Homeroom teachers were asked to have their students take the survey in homerooms before Friday.  ASB will share the results at the next staff meeting and at the next House of Reps meeting, so they can mine the “data” and move forward with a grand plan.


Professional Development Afternoon

After our Minimum Day on Wednesday, our staff participated in an afternoon of Professional Development.  The first half they attended one of three workshops of their choice:  1) Canvas Classroom held in the Library, 2) Google Suite in room D-4, and 3) Project Based Learning in room B-5.  They said they learned a lot from and really appreciated the different workshops.

The second half of the afternoon we met together in the Library for “The Contest.”  This was a fun, team-building experience.  We had been assigned to a team (16 in all) earlier in the week to prepare and show our team spirit.  Points were awarded for answering trivia questions, team spirit, etc.  Small prizes were distributed around, and a grand prize to one team was also awarded.  Prizes were donated from McDonalds and The Manhattan of Camarillo.  There was laughing, cheering, and much camaraderie.  It was a good bonding time for our staff.

Individuals from each team demonstrating a special talent.

Team Spain doing a cheer.