Weekly Update

Friday, December 1, 2017

AVID Students

ACHS has approximately 300 students currently in the AVID Program.  Of that number, 65-70 of them are seniors.  Every senior in our AVID Program submitted at least one college application, by the deadline of November 30th.  Below is a picture of AVID Counselor Hugo Tapia, along with several of our senior AVID students holding white boards showing what colleges they applied to.


ACHS Alum:  Alexis Kallen, Rhodes Scholar

Alexis Kallen graduated from ACHS in June 2014 as one of our Valedictorians.  She came from very humble beginnings and overcame many challenges – from losing her mother at birth and being raised by her grandparents to navigating the world with Cerebral Palsy.  She was a superstar at ACHS and continued at Stanford University.  She will be graduating this June, then headed to Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar with another full scholarship.  She has been very active at Stanford and was selected as the student speaker at this year’s Freshman Orientation.  Her area of focus is International Studies: Women’s Issues.  She traveled to Rwanda on her own last year and recently completed an internship in Hong Kong.  We are very proud of our ACHS Alum!


Khan Academy Training

Nicholas Peterson presented highlights of the Khan Academy to our teachers on Thursday of this week.  He shared information on how to log in to the program, how to set up classrooms, etc.  Khan Academy is a useful tool containing videos and tutorials for teachers.  It can be used by classroom teachers to support their students in all subject areas, as well as support for College Board testing (PSAT, SAT, AP).


ELD Conference

Several members of our staff were able to attend the ELD Conference held at Oxnard High School this week.  The keynote speaker, Homero M. Magana, was an inspiration to all who were there.  His story of immigrating from Mexico at the age of twelve, knowing no English, picking in the orchards for seven seasons and then making his way through high school, earning two Masters degrees and an administrative credential from a variety of universities was uplifting to those present.  He is a keynote speaker all over the country…he has even spoken at the White House.  His message was encouraging to all those who are working to make a difference in the lives of our ELD students.