Weekly Update

Friday, February 23, 2018

CDE Civic Learning Awards

We are honored to announce that ACHS has received the Award of Distinction for 2018 from the California Department of Education Civic Learning Awards.  This award celebrates public schools’ efforts to engage students in civic learning.  There were 3 Awards of Excellence, 6 Awards of Distinction (including us!), and 65 Awards of Merit in the state.  In 2017 we won an Award of Merit.  Our writing team of Tawney Safran, Shawn Near, Chris Quinn, Lori Pristera, and Kim Stephenson worked hard to represent the many efforts on campus to prepare students for responsible civic engagement.


Incoming Freshmen Parent Nights

This week we held two Incoming Freshmen Parent Nights.  On Tuesday evening parents from Las Colinas Middle School (our biggest feeder school) were invited to attend an informative meeting in the Cafeteria.  On Thursday evening all of our other feeder school parents were invited to attend an identical meeting.  Dr. Stephenson showed a power point presentation and shared a variety of information, and our counselors spoke and answered questions.  We also had ACHS teacher representatives from our academies and various departments present information to the parents.  Many, many parents attended, and it seemed to be a very helpful and valuable tool for them.


Incoming Freshmen Registration

Parents of incoming freshmen have been registering their students using our on-line application.  We are one of several schools in our district who are piloting this on-line application program.  Some parents have called with questions, and once those were answered, they were able to complete the on-line registration process.  Over 140 students have been registered so far using this program.

On Monday, February 26th, from 5:00pm-8:00pm, parents will come to campus to turn in their completed registration packets.  This will include proof of residence, immunization records, course selection form, etc. They will be able to go through the “Fast Pass” line if everything is complete and they just want to turn in their packets.  If they have questions, they will be able to meet with counselors that evening.


Mock Trial

Our Mock Trial team has been putting the finishing touches on their presentations this week.  They have been meeting after school from 6-9pm two nights each week for the last several weeks.  We have a total of 30 students on our teams this year and we are excited for the big competitions beginning next Monday, February 26th at the Ventura County Courthouse.  It will be long days for our students and advisors, who will be in school all day, and at the courthouse from 5-11pm Monday and Tuesday nights, and possibly Wednesday and Thursday nights as well.

Stop by the courthouse next week to see our teams in action!


2018 All-State Honor Band

Congratulations are in order to ACHS Senior Dalton Resor who has been accepted into the 2018 All-State Honor Band!  Dalton plays the Euphorium in this band.  He participated in two days of rehearsals with the other Honor Band students and then performed in a concert on Sunday, February 18th at the Center for the Performing Arts in San Jose, CA.  An amazing experience for this talented young man.



SAT plans are currently underway.  Since all ACHS 11th grade students will be taking the SAT for free on March 7th, on our campus, the testing materials are now being processed.  Our testing materials room has been secured, and we are on track to being well-prepared for this important exam.