Library Science Class

Library Science is and elective class with training in typing, computer assisted drawing, spreadsheets, and the Internet. Students also learn about the library circulation program, the Dewey Classification System of shelving and other library jobs. It is an educational elective with weekly assignments.


Learn the Dewey Decimal Classification

Visit the Dewey Decimal Classification website

Take the multimedia tour to learn how books in the library are organized by the Dewey system.

Drawing assignment

Objective: Students will create a picture of a house and its surroundings by using the drawing program in Microsoft Word.

Purpose: To learn how to use the drawing tools in Word.

Directions: Before you start, log on to your “H” drive so that you can save your work.

  1. Double click on the Word icon
  2. Go to “View>Tools>Drawing” to turn on the drawing tools
  3. Click on the blue “A” in the bottom toolbar
  4. Double-click on a style of your choice
  5. Type in your name and change the size font to 12
  6. Select “OK”. It will appear on your word document with white boxes around it
  7. Drag it to the upper left hand corner
  8. Click on the slanted straight line in the tool bar and draw a straight line for the ground
  9. Click on the square and draw a square on top of the line
  10. Click on the square again and draw a rectangle inside the square for the door
  11. Click on “AutoShapes>Basic Shapes” and select the triangle
  12. Draw a triangle on top of the larger square for the roof
  13. Click on the square and use it to put a chimney on the house
  14. Go to “AutoShapes>Lines” and select the curlicue line on the right. (Be sure to select the one with the loops and not just the wavy line.)
  15. Use that to make smoke coming out of the chimney
  16. Click on the box with thin to think lines and change it to a 3 pt. line
  17. Go to “AutoShapes>More AutoShapes,” scroll down to “Nature,” and select. Scroll down and select the pine tree
  18. Drag it to the “ground” and to the right of the house
  19. Click on the circle and put a sun up in the sky
  20. Click on the bucket and change the color to yellow, then click on the circle
  21. Use these tools to add your own touch to the picture – a person, an animal, or anything else
  22. Click on every single object on the picture holding down the “Shift” button. When all the items are surrounded by white boxes, (don’t forget the chimney, door and smoke), right click and select “Grouping>Group.” You should be able to move the whole picture now as one unit
  23. Save and print