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  • English 1H Assignment - All incoming English 1H students are required at ACHS to complete a summer reading assignment. All instructions are included in the attachment. The reading and four assignments are due on the first day of school, August 21, 2014.

About the English Department

English is an integral part of the total curriculum, and every student must be given the opportunity to achieve a communication level necessary to succeed in education, work, and society.

The English Department Curriculum Framework provides a four-year program which affords students a wide spectrum of instruction. This instruction ranges from providing a non-English speaking student the instruction necessary to function in an English speaking environment to those skills necessary to succeed within a college or university environment. Instruction is further provided to students in preparation for required district and/or state tests.

The English core curriculum encompasses listening, speaking, reading, literature (including required CORE literature consisting of two selections from the traditional canon and one multicultural selection per year), spelling, vocabulary, study skills, usage, writing, and reasoning skills. Every student will also be given the opportunity to select courses that provide challenges beyond the requirements of the core curriculum.

The English Framework provides a variety of enrichment courses designed to improve and/or enhance a student’s knowledge and appreciation of the language and literature. An independent study course allows students and teachers to develop an English course that is not offered in the regular instructional program, while flexibility within the English scope and sequence allows students to enroll in courses that best suit their needs and abilities.