About Music

Expresses spiritual and emotional values that are both personal and universal Expands the creative capabilities of each person Integrates and harmonizes the mind and body Promotes a sense of well-being Contributes to increased learning capacities in diverse subject areas MUSIC both expresses and arouses feelings that are emotionally compelling. It also challenges the mind. What it communicates is felt. How it communicates must be understood. Few subjects in the curriculum can match music in the simultaneous, interactive involvement of both the emotions and the intellect.

Music has made major contributions in every civilization throughout history. Virtually all people like some kinds of music and have contact with music in their daily lives. Because of its importance in contemporary life, music should hold a prominent place in the curriculum of the Oxnard Union High School District. Just as all children should learn to read, all children should know their artistic heritage.

Americans sing, play instruments, purchase sound-reproducing equipment, and attend performances of music. They find that music enriches the quality of life by providing an outlet for self-expression and a life-long source of enjoyment. Those who have received a balanced and sequential program of music instruction in school are able to derive far more satisfaction from music than those who have not.

Students’ levels of musical achievement vary because of differences in their interests and talents, but every student should have the opportunity in school to learn to perform, create, and appreciate music. Each should become familiar with the techniques and literature of music and should acquire a basis for developing informed musical understanding, taste, and judgment.

The study of music helps students to develop their potential, to give them an understanding of their own culture and the cultures of others, and to provide a unique vehicle for achieving excellence either alone or in cooperation with others. Some discover talents leading to careers in music; all will find that music enriches their lives, and that living can be much more than merely existing.

For these reasons, a strong and comprehensive program of music instruction–including general music, various performing groups, and diverse elective offerings–should be considered an essential component of the curriculum of the Oxnard Union High School District that seeks to prepare young people adequately for life.


Corey ReynoldsCorey Reynolds