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Glenn Lipman, ACHS Principal

Glenn Lipman, Adolfo Camarillo High School PrincipalTelephone 805-389-6413

Principal's Message

Dear Scorpion Family:

The school year is drawing near and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our returning students and incoming families - parents, freshmen, and new students.  As an educator for 34 years, I am pleased to begin my seventh year as Principal of Adolfo Camarillo High School, one of the top academic high schools in the State of California.  One measure of a school’s academic success is through the State Academic Performance Index (API).  Our 2010-11 API was 847, again breaking our record and becoming the highest in school history!  A second related measure of school success is through the comparative bands.  ACHS is a 9/9 school, which means on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being good) ACHS ranked 9 in the State of California and 9 when compared with 100 similar schools in the nation.  Adolfo Camarillo High School is an award-winning school.  Last year our school was honored with the prestigious Golden Bell Award.  This year we have been named in the Top 500 Schools in the U.S. by Newsweek magazine (link available at (read article) and by California’s Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) as one of the state’s successful school waste reduction programs

For the 2011-12 school year a new State law now requires all incoming 7th-12th graders receive a whooping cough booster shot, called Tdap, before entering school.  Students who have not received the Tdap booster shot prior to the beginning of school will not be allowed to start school.  The immunization must include the “P” for pertussis and have been given on or after the students’ 7th birthday.  Students without a record of this immunization on file with the Adolfo Camarillo High School Health Office before the first day of school will be sent home and not permitted to return to school until the immunization is on file.  We encourage you to contact your child’s doctor now to schedule an immunization appointment.  Some children may qualify for free immunizations through the Vaccines for Children Program.  Pertussis, also known as whooping cough, is widespread throughout California. This vaccine can help keep your child and family protected.

We continue to strive for increased student achievement and raising the academic bar such as offering all core college preparatory courses and allowing students to enroll in honors or advanced placement courses without any prerequisites.  Students are recognized for academic, athletic, and musical achievement at our many awards evenings including:  Distinguished Students Awards, Sports Awards, Department Awards, Academic Awards, Senior Awards, and Band Awards.  Our Distinguished Studentsprogram recognizes academic success on the STAR tests.  The State of California mails students’ STAR test reports over the summer; please keep the STAR results for your students.  Students who were freshmen through juniors during the 2010-11 school year who scored in the “Proficient” or “Advanced Proficient” range on at least 3 tests will be recognized as “Distinguished Students” for their academic success.  Students who met this challenge during their freshmen, sophomore, or junior (2010-11) testing years will receive recognition as being “Distinguished Students” at the Distinguished Student awards evening on October 20 at 6:00pm.  Distinguished Students receive a variety of items including, but not limited to, a Fast Pass (i.e., cut the lunch line) Stamp on their ID cards, certificate, lapel pin, discount on the activity pass plus an additional $5 discount for every Advanced STAR score, and their name on the ACHS Stinger newspaper website and on our school website.  Distinguished Students can earn the new elite SUPER STAR status with 3 or more Advanced scores and receive a special student ID card and be able to purchase the activity pass for only $20 (less than half price)!  Students must bring their STAR results to the ASB Bookkeeper in order to receive discounts and to receive SUPER STAR status.  Also, please keep track of the STAR test results each summer because once students become seniors they will have the opportunity to wear a special 3-Year Distinguished Student lapel pin on their graduation gown for earning high (Proficient and/or Advanced) scores on the STAR test for 9 out of 12 tests.  Seniors do not take the STAR test.  In-coming freshmen will be encouraged and motivated to do well on the April 2012 STAR tests.  Students who meet the challenge in April 2012 will be recognized in the fall of 2012-13.

We implemented “safety nets” for students who find the curriculum challenging and are proud of our successes.  For example, at-risk freshmen are offered the award-winning Silver Stinger program and sophomores are offered the All Star program.

ACHS is dedicated to our students and education as we strive to maintain our positive school culture and provide excellent customer service.  We are proud to provide a safe and secure environment for every ACHS student and staff member.  We have strict, enforced no tolerance policies on illegal drugs, weapons, fighting and graffiti.  Students who are in possession of or sell illegal drugs including any prescription not in their name face penalties ON THE FIRST OFFENSE:  1) automatic 5-day suspension, 2) police arrest, and 3) we may recommend expulsion from the district for 2 semesters.  Students who are in possession of any weapon, dangerous object or explosive, any participant in a fight or physical altercation, or any participant in graffiti or vandalism face the following penalties ON THE FIRST OFFENSE: 1) automatic 5-day suspension, 2) police arrest, 3) recommendation for expulsion from the district for 2 semesters, and in the case of graffiti or vandalism, 4) restitution for damages.  Students may anonymously report knowledge of any contraband, fighting, graffiti, or vandalism to our resource officer or any administrator.  Our We Tip program through the City of Camarillo pays a student up to $50 for information that leads to the arrest of students who violate any of these four areas. 

Communication is a key element to our school’s success and we offer many ways for students and parents to become involved.  For all stakeholders, parents, students, staff, we have an “open-door” administration policy.  We have 6 counselors, 3 of whom are bi-lingual English/Spanish.  Your student’s counselor is based on his/her last name.  We also offer online services and communication through our twice weekly email bulletins, websites, and MyVUE.  We are happy to communicate via individual email with parents as well.  There are a variety of opportunities for parental involvement including PTSA, ACHS Foundation, Band Boosters, Athletic Boosters, and School Site Council.  The marquee in front of our campus provides information on upcoming events and recent accomplishments too.  Students have a special opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns to peers, teachers, and our administration during House of Representatives meetings which are held monthly.

Glenn E. Lipman, Principal