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About Us

Adolfo Camarillo High School is one of 11 schools in the Oxnard Union High School District (OUHSD). Six are comprehensive high schools, and five schools that serve to meet other diverse needs of students in the cities of Camarillo and Oxnard. The OUHSD School Board has five members, all of whom are educators in the county. Two of the members’ children currently attend ACHS. The OUHSD Mission and Vision statement serves as their guiding force in decision making: Oxnard Union High School District engages students in college ready experiences and career pathway preparation – Building Powerful Futures for Every Student.

Dr. Tom McCoy was appointed to serve as the OUHSD Superintendent in November 2020. The former superintendent, Dr. Penelope DeLeon, left the district in June 2020, and Dr. Tom McCoy stepped in to serve as Interim Superintendent at that time. Before accepting the full-time position of Superintendent, Dr. McCoy spent five years as the Assistant Superintendent Educational Services for Oxnard Union High School District. Dr. McCoy also has extensive experience serving in secondary education for over three decades. During his tenure in the OUHSD, he built open and positive relationships with staff at all the schools, supported professional development endeavors, helped advance our district in technology, and has proven to be a compassionate, knowledgeable, and supportive leader. The Oxnard Union High School District supports all schools in the district fairly and consistently. The current administrative leaders and personnel are competent, accessible, solicit opinions and perspectives from the sites, and are always willing to listen to ideas and help staff grow. Though ACHS is the only comprehensive high school in Camarillo, the district supports us equally. The district provides content coaches for support in English, math, science, and social science. The district is also proactive in looking at state data to determine the best course for developing our Career Technical Education (CTE) program. The district provides support at all schools in the career pathways, many of which are unique per site. The IT and technology experts have always been leaders for moving the OUHSD into the 21st century. Since the pandemic, employees would agree that the district has been reliable, available, and has worked tirelessly to ensure all teachers could move to a digital learning platform successfully.

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