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Architecture & Product Innovation & Design

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Architecture & Product Innovation & Design Pathways

Architecture & Product Innovation & Design Pathways are a Cross Curriculum Collaboration Education between Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math (STEAM). Class projects include “Real World” Design projects from industry, guest speakers, industry field trips, possible internships, real work experience, employment, and Entrepreneurial, Critical Thinking (Out of the Box) skills.

In the Architecture & Product Innovation & Design Pathways Students learn to use tools, computers and machines to enable them to experience the process of translating an idea into a finished product. They Think, Design, Build & Create prototypes of Toys & Products & Design, build and 3D print structures in the Shop, while learning State of the Art computer software including 3D printing.

Architecture & Product Innovation & Design Pathways prepares students for a variety of highly rewarding careers in a High Tech world. By taking 2 Classes in Architecture or Product Innovation & Design in sequence – Students earn 3 College Credits that can be applied to any US College or University, earn Multiple Certifications, and can win the Wachtel CTE $1000 Scholarship for College or Trade School.

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