Adolfo Camarillo High School

EST. 1956

Performing Arts


The Performing Arts program includes drama, vocal, and music. Classes address the a range of individual differences, talents, and interests students and provide enrichment to the total program. The development of unique intellectual, physical, social and emotional response through both verbal and nonverbal communication is reflected in the classes.

Drama includes acting techniques which involves voice, body movement, character analysis, interpretation, stage arrangement with an emphasis in play writing. Instruction in theater history from its roots to the contemporary theater will also be covered.

Music is the ultimate team sport. The difference is, there is no bench to fill in for a missing musician. We rely on everyone being there for blend and balance of sound and visual excellence. We teach more than notes on a page or dots on the field. Students should leave this program with life skills like collaboration, camaraderie, problem-solving and work ethic.

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music courses

  • Vocal Ensemble
  • String Orchestra
  • Concert Band
  • Symphonic Band
  • Wind Ensemble Honors
  • Jazz Combos
  • Jazz III
  • Jazz II
  • Jazz I
  • Winter Percussion
  • Winter Colorguard
  • Marching Band
  • Digital Music Production CTE
  • Sound Engineering CTE
  • Mariachi CTE

Recommended Materials

Material/Equipment Purchase Guidance

Camarillo HS and OUHSD do their best to support our program and provide the necessary equipment to participate and be successful in the performing arts. Using school equipment may mean that you will be sharing. If you choose to own your own equipment, we recommend the items below. Please always contact a director before you purchase anything to ensure you are making a wise investment. It is critical that your equipment is in good playing condition for you to be able to succeed as a musician. Upkeep, addressing repairs, and having the proper accessories will aid in this process. Not keeping your equipment in working order could hinder playing, preparation, and overall ensemble results. The equipment list below was assembled to help assist in any voluntary purchases that may be made for the student and will aid in the individual and overall ensemble success.

  • (Winds/Strings) Tuner/Metronome Combo – (Korg TM60 or Snark SN8 clip-on tuner) OR the Tonal Energy App on their smartphone
  • Clear 8.5×11-inch sheet protectors for sheet music in a 3-ring binder
  • At least 3 quality reeds (at least 2.5 strength but 3 is preferred)
  • Reed guard or reed case to protect the reeds (Rico Reedgard IV or Reed case w/humidity pack)
  • Silk swabs to swab spit out of instrument after each time playing or Padsaver
  • Cork grease
  • Valve Oil (Hetman Synthetic or Yamaha Synthetic)
  • Slide Grease (Schilke w/ Lanolin)
  • Slide Oil (trombones only – Recommend Yamaha Slide Oil)
  • Brush Snake for monthly cleanings of inside of instrument
  • Metronome (Boss DB-30)
  • Concert Snare Sticks (Vic Firth SD1, Pro Mark SD1 or IP CL1 or LD1)
  • Medium Yarn Marimba Mallets (Vic Firth M182, Pro Mark JW3 or IP WU3)
  • General Timpani Mallets (Vic Firth T1 or ProMark T1)
  • Drum Pad (Vic Firth Stock Pad, Real 12D or Off World Invader)
  • Stick bag to keep your sticks in one place
  • An extra set of strings, especially your top two strings on any particular instrument
  • Appropriate rosin
  • Wood cloth or cotton cloth

Phil Idell

Music Director
(805) 751-8455

Cameron Guerrero

Music Teacher
(805) 834-1486

Dominic Rivera

Tony Rivera

Mariachi Director

ACHS Digital Sound Production

ACHS Music Department Information

ACHS Color Guard Information

drama courses

  • Drama 1
  • Drama 2

Daryl Myers

Drama Director
(805) 389-4066