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Dual Enrollment

High School students (freshmen to seniors) may choose to take a class at a community college as a Dual Enrollment student. The class must be taken outside of regular school hours (8:30 am to 3:30 pm). Furthermore, the class cannot be used as one of the six classes required to be a full-time student according to Board Policy with one exception: during the 1st semester only, a senior student may use one college class as one of their high school classes. One semester college class will transfer to 10 high school credits. A student who wishes to put the college class on their high school transcript must submit an official college transcript to their counselor. The easiest method (and free) is for the student to request an electronic copy of the transcript be sent directly to their counselor’s email.

Steps to register for a college class as a Dual Enrollment student
1.     The student searches classes on the college website under the “Class Schedule” link to find what classes are available.

2.     The student then completes all the steps for Dual Enrollment under the “Dual Enrollment” link which is found under “Admissions” on the college website.

a.     During this process, the student will list the class or classes they would like to take.
b.     Also during this process, student will enter the counselor and parent email addresses.

.*After the student has completed all of the steps to enroll as a Dual Enrollment student, the college will email the counselor asking them to approve the class listed in the student’s Dual Enrollment application.

**After the counselor has approved the class, the college will email the parent asking them to approve their child’s Dual Enrollment application in total.

***After the student has enrolled and the college has received the counselor and parent approval, the student will be notified that they can now officially register for the class on the first day to register for Dual Enrollment students. The student must consult the Registration Calendar on the college website for the appropriate date.

Visit The College Dual Enrollment Information Page


Apply For Admission

  • An application for admission is only required if this is your first time taking a community college class or it has been more than two semesters since you last attended.
  • Follow instructions to create an OpenCCC account and submit your application
  • Provide a valid email address & allow 24 hours to process your application and receive your new student email confirmation
  • The video that follows explains how to register for classes after you are done applying.

Video Tutorial After You Have Your MyVCCCD Account And Are Ready To Register