Adolfo Camarillo High School

EST. 1956

Cam Fam Foundations

Mission  Ι  Vision  Ι  Values
CAMgoals For Life!
Critical Learner Academic Needs

ACHS Mission, Est. 2020

Adolfo Camarillo High School provides a safe, engaged, supportive, and comprehensive learning experience that inspires and prepares all students for success in college, career, and life.

ACHS Vision Statement, Est. 2020

ACHS inspires students to be kind, compassionate, conscientious citizens who contribute to society.

ACHS Values (retained from 2018)

Positive School Climate: All stakeholders will

  • Ensure a safe, tolerant, respectful, and courteous culture
  • Participate in an honest, hard-working, independent, and collaborative community
  • Support relationships that build self-esteem and value individuals’ unique contributions
  • Teach life skills to prepare students to participate responsibly in a global society 

Collaboration and Engagement: Faculty will

  • Continue personal education and collaboration with all stakeholders to develop as professionals
  • Adhere to agreed-upon scope and sequence protocols
  • Assess and reflect upon practices for continual improvement

Instructional Strategies: Teachers will

  • Post visible daily learning goals, objectives, or essential questions, which are reviewed throughout the lesson
  • Create lessons with engaging activities that incorporate critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication
  • Differentiate and personalize instruction
  • Provide immediate, positive feedback and frequent checks for understanding
  • Emphasize mastery learning, which includes re-teach, re-test, re-do, and allowances for late work, as appropriate
  • Use common assessments to inform instruction

CAMgoals for Life! Est. 2020

Upon graduation from ACHS, students will:

Create effective solutions to personal and societal challenges.

Apply knowledge creatively as socially responsible global citizens.

Manage their lives as honest, thoughtful, civic-minded members of society.

ACHS Critical Learner Academic Needs, Est. 2020

Listening: ACHS students will learn how to effectively understand and internalize ideas and information in a variety of mediums and platforms. 
Self-Advocacy: ACHS students will learn how to take initiative and access all available tools and resources for success.

Alma Mater

In the heart of California’s golden sun and dew, proudly stands the school we honor, glorious to view. Ever in our hearts she’ll linger, memories never die. Hail to thee oh school so loyal, Camarillo High!