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Adolfo Camarillo High School

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Clubs & Organizations


To get the most out of your experience at Adolfo Camarillo High School, get involved with an activity that you enjoy.  ACHS provides an array of clubs and organizations that students can engage in.  If you are interested in starting your own club, contact Lori Pristera, ASB Director, for more information.

Clubs & Organizations

Description: ACHS Academic Decathlon is a
competitive club participating in California Academic Decathlon, an academic competition for students of all GPA ranges. This club allows students to explore subjects in various topics in a collaborative team environment.
Club President: Huy N.
Meeting: MWF @ Lunch Room T-8
Advisor: Tawney Safran

Description: The Engineering club is a club that will allow students to explore the various branches of the field. Our goals as a club are to create projects and activities that utilize the skills of students, teach students about career possibilities, and encourage discussion and learning about engineering.
Club President: Kimberly V.
Meeting: Every other Mon. @ Lunch Room B-2
Advisor: Pascual Campos

Description: This club is all about inclusivity and the
outdoors. Every other weekend, the club will arrange an outdoor activities such as hiking, going to the beach, painting in the park, exercising, etc. There are too many students outside of school who feel left out. These activities will allow students to meet new people and get outdoors on weekends.
Club President: Alasia B.
Meeting: Wed @ Lunch Room C-10
Advisor: Darren Cartagena

Description: The club is for enthusiasts and those
wanting to learn about all things aerospace and to help prepare them for careers in STEM fields. To encourage pursuits in science and technology.
Club President: David C.
Meeting: Every 1st Tue. @ Lunch Room L-9
Advisor: Donald Montijo

Description: Develop student potential for premier
leadership, personal growth and career success. Students also participate in community service.
Club President: Travis S.
Meeting: Every 1st Tue. @ Lunch Room AG-1
Advisor: Sam Swanson

Description: Student government class that assists with school culture, approvals, and much more.
Club President: Ashlyn V.
Meeting: Daily F-1
Advisor: Lori Pristera

Description: Help students pay for college and provide volunteer opportunities.
Club President: N/A
Meeting: Every 2nd Wed. in C-6
Advisor: Teohua Sanchez

Description: This club is about unity for minorities and learning about their roots.  The goal is for students to come together and learn about who they are and know that there are so many opportunities for them. It serves the students because it gives them an outlet and something to look forward to. College tours and local events are part of the program.
Club President: Angela M.
Meeting: Twice a month on Fridays in Room B-6
Advisor: Detra Young

Description: Club provides music therapy to people in our community, mainly at St. John’s hospital. Our goals are to provide joy to others with music especially the monthly bed-ridden patients we visit. Our club serves our community as we visit any locations like nursing homes, hospitals, etc.
Club President: Isabelle O.
Meeting: Mon. @ Lunch F-2
Advisor: Daniel Cook

Description: Helping out the community and providing service to scholars. Academic-oriented and scholarship opportunities.
Club President: Ryan C.
Meeting: Fridays @ Lunch  T-10
Advisor: Colleen Colborn

Description: DECA’s goal is to promote marketing, finance, hospitality and management.
Club President: Tanner H.
Meeting: Wed. @ Lunch  T-10
Advisor: John Foster

Description: FLBA inspires and prepares students to become community-minded business leaders in a global society through relevant career preparation and leadership experiences.
Club President: Leah A.
Meeting: Every other Mon. @ Lunch D-4
Advisor: Jeff Jackson

Description: Students who are in the Consumer and Family Science classes have an opportunity to participate in this national organization. Participation includes attending chapter meetings on site, regional, state meetings and competing in a variety of events.
Established: 2016
Meeting: Once a Month @ Lunch Room K-3
Advisor: Ida Lange

Description: The Filipinx club is about bringing together filipos and others to learn about the Filipno culture. Our goal is to also help the Philipines in time of need. The ideals consist of making good changes to ones who need help and to be there for everyone. This club will bring together not only students but the community to celebrate the Filipino culture and to help when they need it.
Club President: Erin P. & Marcella B.
Meeting: Every other Friday @ Lunch L-5
Advisor: Kathy Glasmeier

Description: Playing games and having fun together.
Club President: Carsen T.
Meeting: Wed. @ Lunch  D-4
Advisor: Jeff Jackson

Description: ACHS German Club promotes the German language and culture through food, games, music, etc. in order to create a wider spectrum of students interested in ACHS German. It provides an open environment for students of all grades and language classes to learn more about one of the world’s most interesting and influential languages and cultures.
Club President: Ashley C. & Paris L.
Meeting: Every other Monday 
Advisor: Asher Stolte

Description: GirlUp is a global movement of empowered young women leaders who defend and promote gender equality.
Club President: Aishvari T.
Meeting: Tue. @ Lunch J-2
Advisor: Bill Tanner

Description: Global Scholars is a nonprofit club that promotes leadership and provides opportunities to underprivileged youth in the community and abroad who are academically motivated to pursue higher education, but do not have the tools or resources to do so.
Club President: Puja M.
Meeting: Wed. @ Lunch L-6
Advisor: Lauri Markson

Description: Our mission is to create an all-inclusive environment for students of all identities and educate students on gender/sexuality diversity in an accepting environment.
Club President: Ashley C.
Meeting: Every other Wed. @ Lunch A-1
Advisor: Christine Lawler

Description: Guitar club provides an environment of musicians ranging in skill from beginner to advanced, in hopes of building a constructive, exciting and relaxing community of artists.
Club President: Ben F.
Meeting: Fri. @ Lunch A-1
Advisor: Shannon Klemann

Description: Focusing on helping the homeless/underprivileged. Collects donations and hoping to volunteer in homeless food centers.
Club President: Sasha S. & Emily C.
Meeting: Tue. @ Lunch N-3
Advisor: Ida Lange

Description: Provide opportunity for young people to work together in a world fellowship dedicated to service and international understanding.
Club President: Jessica S. & Alexis M.
Meeting: Tue. @ Lunch L-1
Advisor: April D’Andre

Description: JSA is a non-partisan organization dedicated to fostering civil discussion and debate among students on the important political and social issues of the day. Students participate debates and discussions each week at club meeting and also attend weekend conventions with several hundred like-minded students from throughout Southern California.
Club President: Puja M.
Meeting: Tue @ Lunch Room B-5
Advisor: Shawn Near

Description: The purpose of this club is to help with events planned by the Noontime Optimist Club and provide community service opportunities for students.
Club President: Sierra K.
Meeting: Tue. @ Lunch L-12
Advisor: Shannon Klemann

Description: KIWINS is an organization that develop strong character traits and leadership skills to students through community service. We aim to promote selflessness and good citizenship, to build better communities and to create strong friendships.
Club President: Isabelle O. & Joe N.
Meeting: Wed. @ Lunch H-4
Advisor: Chris Quinn & Samantha Scardino

Description: We want to spread the joy of the sport of lacrosse to Camarillo High School.
Club President: Tyler N.
Meeting: Thu. @ Lunch TBD
Advisor: Mary Perez

Description: The purpose of this organization shall be a volunteer and serve the community under the guidance of the Pleasant Valley Lions Club. We plan to get students involved in helping the community.
Club President: Trinity A. & Marisol R.
Meeting: Every other Mon @ Lunch Room T-10
Advisor: Holly Beckman-Regalado

Description: Our club is about spreading awareness about the LINK organization.
Club President: Isabelle O. & Emily C.
Meeting: Thu @ Lunch Room F-2
Advisor: Daniel Cook & Cameron Guerrero

Description: The club is about finding friends who share a love of Magic: The Gathering. The goal of this club is to gather people who like to play Magic. The ideals of this club are Kindness, honesty, fairness and creativity. This club allows students a creative outlet for stress while also fostering strategy, problem solving, situational awareness, and situational decision-making skills.
Club President: Ryan C.
Meeting: Thu @ Lunch C-10
Advisor: Darren Cartagena

Description: It provides an opportunity for students interested in math to practice in areas not covered by the typical curriculum.  It attempts to foster interest in mathematics.
Club President: Dakota F.
Meeting: Tue @ Lunch Room T-6
Advisor: Brandae Rossini

Description: A student organization that seeks to promote self-determination through culture and education.
Established: 1989
Meeting: Every other Fri @ Lunch Room B-2
Advisor: Pascual Campos

Description: Mock Trial is about giving students a place to learn about law and legal proceedings in a competitive, team-based environment with the goal of winning county, state and national competitions.
Club President: Joseph C.
Meeting: Mon. & Wed. 6:30-8:30pm B-5
Advisor: Shawn Near

Description: NAMI stands for National Alliance for Mental Illness. This club will be a friendly place for all students to come together and raise awareness for mental illness.
Club President: Hannah T. & Jenny K.
Meeting: 1st Wed. of the month B-5
Advisor: Chris Lawler

Description: This club is about environmental student based projects. The goals of this club is to make the school environment more beautiful.  We work to make a positive impact on the environment, both at the community level and a worldwide scale.
Club President: Frederick S. & Pranesh B.
Meeting: Mon. @ Lunch Room T-8
Advisor: Tawney Safran
Website: http://naturallygreen.weebly.com

Description: NHS is a nationwide organization for high school students in the U.S. It runs on 4 main criteria: scholarship, leadership, service, and character. it requires community service hours and individual projects that contribute to our community.
Club President: Aishvari T. & Huy N.
Meeting: Fri. @ Lunch Room J-1
Advisor: Connie Su

Description: The club’s purpose is to teach students at ACHS to connect themselves physically, emotionally and mentally to the ocean. The club will plan activities for its members to facilitate the purpose.  We hope to reach out to VenturaCounty community members that also want to be ocean-minded.
Club President: Kaden E.
Meeting: Tue. @ Lunch Room L-12
Advisor: Shannon Klemann

Description: SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. SkillsUSA helps each student excel.
Established: 1965
Meeting: Only for students enrolled in Career Education courses.
Advisor: Peter Wachtel
Website: https://www.skillsusa.org

Description: This club will cooperate with the Red Cross to offer students service opportunities in order to involve them with their community.
Club President: Tyler R.
Meeting: Wed. @ Lunch Room H-5
Advisor: Patricia Valenteen

Description: ACHS Robotics is a club focused on competing in FIRST Robotics competitions. It aims to teach members valuable technical skills, including programming, engineering, design and marketing.  Although aimed at competitive success, the club also strives for a team community that provides opportunities for members to expand interest in the STEM field.
Club President: Huy N. & Trevor L.
Meeting: Wed. 3:30-6:00pm D-4
Advisor: Jeff Jackson
Website: http://www.achsrobotics.com

Description: To teach students healthy habits, help fight obesity, learn team sports, and prepare for college Rugby. 
Club President: Savannah S. & Kassandra A.
Meeting: Fridays K-4 or A-6
Advisor: Susan Thee & Jesus Duran

Description: Helping sea life, specifically sea lions through Channel Islands Marine Wildlife institute (CIMWI). 
Club President: Kelly A.
Meeting: Thu. @ Lunch H-5
Advisor: Patricia Valenteen

Description: This club is about providing school materials for students who come from low income families. Our goal is to help them achieve their full potential; this will help create a stronger and more educated community.
Club President: Karen A.
Meeting: Tue. @ Lunch T-8
Advisor: Tawney Safran

Description: Students on safety is a student-run organization to remedy the underlying issues that can lead to gun violence, also we want to make infrastructural change in how schools handle violence and mental health issues. To help prevent suicide and self-harm and promote the general welfare of students.
Club President: Jenin J.
Meeting: Fri. @ Lunch C-9
Advisor: Abigail Santana

Description: TEENS club will provide underprivileged students essential items they may not have access to. This year, our club wants to ask the community for donations of clothes, calculators, and various school supplies that can then be passed along and donated to students who need it. We want to support our community and fellow students; we strive to make the world a better place full of opportunity for everyone.
Club President: Marcella B.
Meeting: Wed. @ Lunch J-1
Advisor: Connie Su

Description: The club is to promote team participation in various sports by integrating athletes with and without intellectual disabilities. WE hope to model genuine inclusion for the entire school’s community. We also hope to promote community awareness of the spirit and skills of students with intellectual disabilities.
Club President: Camile M. & Leah R.
Meeting: Tue. @ Lunch T-2/Stadium/Field
Advisor: Mary Perez

Description: WIT will be about getting a group of women together to find inspiration, strength, and empowerment in a male-dominated career path. Through educating our peers about the  opportunities and benefits women have in the technology field of work, we will be able to expand views, build confidence, and create opportunities. This would be a great step in the right direction for women’s equality in the world, business and technology.
Club President: Leah A.
Meeting: Every other Tue. @ Lunch D-4
Advisor: Jeff Jackson

Description: To provide Christian community to students at Camarillo High on and off campus.
Club President: Scott F.
Meeting: Mon. or Tue. @ Lunch
Advisor: Rob Vandermay