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Clubs & Organizations

To get the most out of your experience at Adolfo Camarillo High School, get involved with an activity that you enjoy.  ACHS provides an array of clubs and organizations that students can engage in.  If you are interested in starting your own club, contact Lori Pristera, ASB Director, for more information.

 Clubs & Organizations

Description: The ACHS Art Club is a lunch time activity for students who seek a creative outlet.
Established: 2018
Meeting: Tue @ Lunch Room C-9
Advisor: Abigail Santana

Description: A small group of students who provide music therapy to the community.
Established: 2015
Meeting: Mon @ Lunch F-2
Advisor: Daniel Cook

Description: DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management.
Established: 2016
Meeting: Wed @ Lunch Room B-5
Advisor: John Foster

Description: We network, collaborate, and investigate all things business.
Established: 2017
Meeting: Tue @ Lunch Room D-4
Advisor: Jeff Jackson

Description: Students who are in the Consumer and Family Science classes have an opportunity to participate in this national organization. Participation includes attending chapter meetings on site, regional, state meetings and competing in a variety of events.
Established: 2016
Meeting: Once a Month @ Lunch Room K-3
Advisor: Ida Lange

Description: Together we enjoy the cultures of the German speaking countries: music, food, games, and traditions

Description: Gay-Straight Alliance club to promote diversity.
Established: 2002
Meeting: Wed @ Lunch Room A-1
Advisor: Christine Lawler

Description: JSA is a non-partisan organization dedicated to fostering civil discussion and debate among students on the important political and social issues of the day. Students participate debates and discussions each week at club meeting and also attend weekend conventions with several hundred like-minded students from throughout Southern California.
Established: 2008
Meeting: Tue @ Lunch Room D-3
Advisor: Shawn Near

Description: Community service club.
Established: 1957
Meeting: Every other Mon @ Lunch Room T-10
Advisor: Holly Beckman-Regalado

Description: We raise money to rescue these refugees from oppression and empower them on their journey to freedom.
Established: 2015
Meeting: Thu @ Lunch Room F-2
Advisor: Daniel Cook

Description: Kids write Manga and various kinds of short story forms to share and publish.
Established: 2015
Meeting: Every other Wed @ Lunch Room D-1
Advisor: Mark Storer

Description: Explore math problems and applications. Compete in nationwide tests and at local competitions.
Meeting: Tue @ Lunch Room T-6
Advisor: Brandae Rossini

Description: A student organization that seeks to promote self-determination through culture and education.
Established: 1989
Meeting: Every other Fri @ Lunch Room B-2
Advisor: Pascual Campos

Description: Mock Trial is an academic competition is which student are given a fictional criminal case and then prepare a prosecution presentation and a defense presentation. Trials are held before actual county judges and local attorneys scoring the competitors.
Established: 1986
Meeting: Mon and Wed night from mid-September until the end of Feburary
Advisor: Shawn Near

Description: Student-led team committed to beautification, citizenry, eco-awareness, collaboration and projects designed with the motto of “reduce, reuse, recreate, reject”.
Established: 2006
Meeting: Wed @ Lunch Room T-8
Advisor: Tawney Safran
Website: http://naturallygreen.weebly.com

Description: Fund raise and education for children to receive cleft palate surgery in other countries.
Established: 2016
Meeting: First Mon @ Lunch Room K-1
Advisor: Carla Davis

Description: SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. SkillsUSA helps each student excel.
Established: 1965
Meeting: Only for students enrolled in Career Education courses.
Advisor: Peter Wachtel
Website: https://www.skillsusa.org

Description: We work to compete in FIRST Robotics competition.
Established: 2017
Meeting: Wed after school Room D-4
Advisor: Jeff Jackson
Website: http://www.achsrobotics.com

 Sport Organizations

Established: 1957
Coach: John Gonzalez
Camarillo Baseball

Established: 1957
Coach: Samuel Pinuelas

Established: 1957
Coach: William Dowden

Established: 1957
Coach: Claudia Grafenstein

Coach: Nichole Pinedo