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Clubs & Organizations


To get the most out of your experience at Adolfo Camarillo High School, get involved with an activity that you enjoy.  ACHS provides an array of clubs and organizations that students can engage in.  If you are interested in starting your own club, contact Lori Pristera, ASB Director, for more information.

Updated 10/12/2021

Clubs & Organizations

Description: Prepare for the Academic Decathlon Competition by building a diverse team of students of all GPAs, studying 10 subjects around a yearly topic, and developing skills like public speaking and test taking.
Club President: Joshua L.
Meeting: TBD T8
Advisor: Tawney Safran

Description: Aviation club offers the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas on aircraft while simultaneously learning the basics of flight. CLub members will learn the basics of flight, fly aircraft, and build airborne vehicles through safe and effective workshops. The club strongly believes that anyone can become an aviator and excel at the building of aircraft. The club will bring awareness to the mechanics behind flight and how to start flying right now!
Club President: Carlos V.
Meeting: Tue. @ Lunch N5
Advisor: Hugo Tapia

Description: Guided by the fundamental principles of the American Red Cross and its mission to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors, the Red Cross Club of ACHS will learn, practice and exemplify humanitarian values through mission-related service projects. The club will plan and coordinate a minimum of three Red Cross mission-related service projects per year. The service projects will focus on preparedness, blood, and fundraising. For the 2021-2022 school year, our goals are to recruit and sustain 50 active members, raise $700 in club funds, allocate club funds to service events (food, prizes, awards), organize two blood drives, offer CPR, training, and lead a curriculum safety video campaign.
Club President: Hans B. and Maya T.
Meeting: Wed. Biweekly @ Lunch AT5
Advisor: Patricia Valenteen

Description: The Anime and Manga Club will have the purpose of exploring the depths of anime, manga, and manhwa, the cultural, artistic, and literary significance of their respective nations and peoples, what influences their creation, and their impact on popular culture.
Club President: Chelsea A.
Meeting: 1st and last Thu. in D3
Advisor: Asher Stolte

Description: To empower the AAPI presence on the ACHS campus by unifying the AAPI student community, participating in local advocacy for AAPI representation and resources, and celebrating diverse multicultural experiences.
Club President: Jolina L. and Christiana C.
Meeting: Every other Friday @ Lunch BT2
Advisor: Joanne Chang and Daryl Myers

Description: This organization will have its purpose, to develop the cultural, social, and ethnic diversity on campus, represent the interests and concerns of Black students on campus, and bring together all aspects of Black Student Life for the goal of improving the campus environment.
Club President: Maya T.
Meeting: Twice a month on Fridays in Room B6
Advisor: Detra Young

Description: This club is to create a safe space for body inclusivity and positivity for all students on campus.
Club President: Skylar K.
Meeting: Every other Mon. L12
Advisor: Shannon Klemann

Description: The purpose of this organization shall be to create enthusiasm for scholarship at ACHS.  The goal of CSF is to encourage students to improve the community through service,  CSF’s ideals include service,integrity, and more.  We serve the school/students by promoting several service opportunities.
Club President: William T. and Rachel D.
Meeting: Fridays L11
Advisor: Colleen Colborn

Description: This club is for playing and learning chess. The goal is for people to improve alongside each other. It provides a space for chess players to practice and maintain skills. The students who don’t know how to plan ahead wll can learn to through chess as it is necessary to succeed.
Club President: Hieu N.
Meeting: Wed. @ Lunch T10
Advisor: Holly Beckman-Regalado

Description: Conservatives on Campus will serve as an inclusive group to promote productive conservation. Surrounding current events and political happenings. This club centers conversation around right wing topics but is welcoming of all ideas and opinions. We are essentially providing a safe space on campus for students to discuss their thoughts on world issues.
Club President: Travis S.
Meeting: Every 3rd Wed.
Advisor: Bryan Staples

Description: As a club we aim to service the community through musical performances at local hospitals and senior communities.  We hold therapeutic musical performances at hospitals for patients to enjoy.  Our goal is to give ACHS students an opportunity to service at local hospitals and brighten the day of patients.
Club President: William T.
Meeting: Tue. @ Lunch F-1
Advisor: Cameron Guerrero

Description: The Cyclone club is all about school spirit and cheering on our scorpion sports teams.  Our goal is to get the team’s up and motivate them to win.  This club serves the students, school, and community by being inclusive of anyone who wants to help get the energy up and properly represent our school.
Club President: Gracie C.
Meeting: Wednesdays N4
Advisor: Lori Pristera

Description: DECA aims to prepare students for careers in entrepreneurship marketing, finance, management, and hospitality. DECA’s main values are competence, innovation, integrity, and teamwork. This club serves students because they will gain communication, problem solving, and teamwork skills all while having fun.
Club President: Sara E.
Meeting: Tue. @ Lunch  D1
Advisor: John Foster

Description: FLBA prepares students for a career in business/technology through competitions and conferences. FBLA’s goals are to develop future leaders. This serves students because it gives them an opportunity to learn more about business/technology.
Club President: Sara E.
Meeting: TBD. @ Lunch D4
Advisor: Jeff Jackson

Description: The mission of FCCLA is to promote personal growth and leadership development. We do this through family and consumer sciences education. We work to promote greater understanding between youth and adults.
Club President: Kaine S.
Meeting: 2nd Mon. of the month N1
Advisor: Ida Lange

Description: FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing for potential premier leadership personal growth and career success through agricultural education.
Club President: Devin C.
Meeting: TBD
Advisor: TBD

Description: To create an inclusive environment for students of all identities by promoting acceptance and equity, providing education on gender and sexuality diversity, and fostering a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for the LGBTQ+ student community.
Club President: Jolina L.
Meeting: Every other Fri. @ Lunch A1
Advisor: Christine Lawler and Heidi Kuehn

Description: The club will provide a forum for students interested in geography and promote geographical awareness, primarily, through participating in and hosting competitions, as well as through its meetings.
Club President: Victor D.
Meeting: Fridays @ Lunch T8
Advisor: Tawney Safran

Description: ACHS German Club strives to educate students at Adolfo Camarillo High School about German culture and language by providing informational meetings about Germany and its cultural customs.
Club President: Emma N.
Meeting: 1st Tue. of the month @ Lunch D3
Advisor: Asher Stolte

Description: Provide opportunity for young people to work together in a world fellowship dedicated to service and international understanding.
Club President: Jessica S. & Alexis M.
Meeting: Tue. @ Lunch L-1
Advisor: April D’Andre

Description: JSA is a non-partisan organization dedicated to fostering civil discussion and debate among students on the important political and social issues of the day. Students participate debates and discussions each week at club meeting and also attend weekend conventions with several hundred like-minded students from throughout Southern California.
Club President: Puja M.
Meeting: Tue @ Lunch Room B-5
Advisor: Shawn Near

Description: GirlUp is a global movement of empowered young women leaders who defend and promote gender equality.
Club President: Stacy A. and Leslie V.
Meeting: Every other Thursday @ Lunch L2 (board after school 8pm)
Advisor: Julie Riedmiller and Bryn Carey

Description: Guitar club is in place to teach students a new skill, guitar and ukulele, while allowing them to connect with peers with similar interests to themselves.
Club President: Kaylee E.
Meeting: Fri. @ Lunch L12
Advisor: Shannon Klemann

Description: This club is about spreading awareness of CHLA patient stories, educating students about the hospital’s activity and the challenges that are faced, and providing opportunities for volunteers. The goals are to inform students about the community of CHLA, and to collect donations such as toys, books, and gift cards to put a smile on the children’s faces and send some hope their way.
Club President: Anelle D.
Meeting: Wed. @ Lunch C7
Advisor: Lesly Fernandez

Description: Our club is dedicated towards getting real world experience in the world of investing with stocks, bonols, cryptocurrencies, etc. The club aims to combine learning to be financially literate along with having fun at the same time. Ideally we would like to teach and learn along with everyone so we can make money based on historical investors such as Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger, etc. The club serves the community by preparing students for any financial task they might want to uptake for the future.
Club President: Ayushmaan K.
Meeting: Biweekly on Tue. @ Lunch D4
Advisor: Jeff Jackson

Description: This club will be a fun learning environment fir all ethnicities, my goal for this club is to provide people a welcoming space where we would discuss racial issues and communicate with each other rhow we could advocate for ourselves. I hope that in the future with this club we are able to make some sort of fundraiser/drive to help people in communities that are of lower income. I also plan on having fun activities like loteria, potluck, special get togethers and more. Another goal for this club is to learn about all Hispanic origin.
Club President: Diana C.
Meeting: Fridays and Mondays B1
Advisor: Anna Soberanis

Description: Interact Club aims to develop leadership skills under the main focus of service above self. Interact Club provides numerous service opportunities, and plans to lead two projects at teh minimum, one locally and one internationally.
Club President: Christiana C.
Meeting: TBD @ Lunch Room L1
Advisor: April D’Andrea

Description: The Junior State of America was created by and for young people interested in what happens around them-from politics to how government works and contributing to their community.  SInce its founding in 1934,JSA has served as a place where students build leadership skills, learn civil debate and strengthen their engagement through volunteering and activism;it is now the largest student run non profit organization in the nation.  The mission of JSA is to educate and prepare high school students to be active participants and effective, ethical leaders in our democratic society.  The student run, student-led Junior State of America empowers a diverse community of passionate young leaders to learn together, think critically advocate opinions, thoughtfully, respect opposing views and promote the common good.
Club President: Hans B.
Meeting: Tue. @ Lunch B5
Advisor: Shawn Near

Description: Kiwins has 2 main goals: Community Service and bonding. We provide 2-3 service events MONTHLY to give back to our community and schools and strive to maintain a social environment where members can have the ability to meet/make new friends and not feel left out.
Club President: Jessica L. and Alyssa Y.
Meeting: TBD @ Lunch A12
Advisor: Connie Su and Samantha Scardino

Description: The club is about improving math skills and competing in local and national math competitions.
Club President: Rithvik K.
Meeting: Tue. @ Lunch Room T6
Advisor: Brandae Rossini

Description: Develop the four pillars of service, character, scholarship, and leadership through community service, individual projects, and academic achievement.
Club President: Joshua L. and Hans B.
Meeting: Fri. @ Lunch Room J1
Advisor: Connie Su

Description: Helping the environment and beautifying the campus. Gardening, recycling, beach cleanups, and hikes are available for student’s mental health. Goals: Create a mural for ACHS. Revamp current gardens, and more.
Club President: Zoe G. and Erika W.
Meeting: Mon. @ Lunch Room T8
Advisor: Tawney Safran


  1. The club is about praying and helping hurting students.
  2. The ideals are to include all students who have a heart to help other hurting students.
  3. The club is a peer to peer service to help hurting students.

Club President: Julius J.
Meeting: Wed. @ Lunch K2
Advisor: Susan Thee

Description: This Club will be centered around raising awareness for animal rights which will include hands-on volunteering at local animal shelters, activism, and trying to rescue animals in danger. Our goals are to recruit as many members as possible because this will mean having a more powerful voice in our community.
Club President: Leslie V. and Stacy A.
Meeting: TBD @ Lunch L2
Advisor: Julie Riedmiller and Bryn Carey

Description: We use a robot to do many things.
Club President: Rithvik K.
Meeting: Wed. 3:30-6:00pm D4
Advisor: Jeff Jackson

Description: To teach students healthy habits, help fight obesity, learn team sports, and prepare for college Rugby. 
Club President: TBA
Meeting: Wednesdays A-6
Advisor: Susan Thee & Jesus Duran

Description: This club is about providing school materials for students who come from low income families. Our goal is to help them achieve their full potential; this will help create a stronger and more educated community.
Club President: Sarah A.
Meeting: Tue. @ Lunch T8
Advisor: Tawney Safran

Description: Spikeball club is for the purpose of bringing together the students on the campus- to build a family.  We will foster a friendly competitive community of spikeball-lovers!  Our goal is to have fun and maybe even connect with other school spike ball clubs!
Club President: Alyssa A.
Meeting: Thursday G4
Advisor: Mary Perez

Description: Non-profit club  organization for children’s healthcare. Having an impact inside a children’s hospital by making cards for the children and doctors inside, setting up toy drives and other donations for the children, occasionally having charity fundraisers to raise money for the hospital, volunteering, and to spread a smile around!
Club President: Aayushi P.
Meeting: Mon. @ Lunch N3
Advisor: David Lange

Description: The club is to promote inclusivity on campus through participation in sports. Unified Sports integrates athletes with and without intellectual disabilities. We hope to model genuine inclusion for the entire school community.
Club President: Chelsey A.
Meeting: Wed. @ Lunch Gym/Stadium
Advisor: Mary Perez

Description: When a player steps out on the field, they are more than the number in their back. Varsity athletes not only demonstrate communities. We will strive to form a bond between our athletes and our community while simultaneously promoting ACHS athletics and engaging in volunteer opportunities.
Club President: Alyssa A.
Meeting: Tue. @ Lunch/after school G4
Advisor: Mary Perez

Description: WIT will be about getting a group of women together to find inspiration, strength, and empowerment in a male-dominated career path. Through educating our peers about the  opportunities and benefits women have in the technology field of work, we will be able to expand views, build confidence, and create opportunities. This would be a great step in the right direction for women’s equality in the world, business and technology.
Club President: Carla J.
Meeting: Every other Tue. @ Lunch D4
Advisor: Jeff Jackson

Description: Young Life Club seeks to explore the deeper issues of life from a Biblical perspective and help others to see their value in the eyes of our Creator, helping students find meaning and purpose in life.
Club President: Jason M.
Meeting: Tue. @ Lunch
Advisor: Bryan Staples