Adolfo Camarillo High School

EST. 1956

Covid-19 Protocols: Quarter 3

ACHS Opening to Students March 24

We are bringing students back to attend one day per week for the last week of quarter three. This is voluntary. You will receive information through your Parent Vue/Student Vue portal to notify you which day you are assigned. We are strictly adhering to VCPH guidelines and will not initially be able to accommodate more students than assigned on any given day. Students cannot change their attendance day because of this.

Scenario OneStudent is present on campus, teacher is present on campus:
Students will attend the class in person with the teacher.

Scenario TwoStudent is present on campus, teacher is teaching remotely:
Students will go to the outdoor basketball court area where we will have tents set up. Students will be assigned a specific tent to go to and will login to their class accordingly.

Scenario ThreeStudent remains virtual:
Teachers will have classes delivered through Google Meets and/or have alternative asynchronous lessons for students to participate in. There will be no penalty for choosing the virtual option. You do not need to notify us one way or the other. If you choose to return in person, then please show up. If you choose to remain distance, please login to classes as you have in the past.

The schedule will look as follows:

Mon. March 22Regular distance learning
Tue. March 23Regular distance learning
Wed. March 24Students with Wednesday in person learning voluntarily come to campus all day
Thu. March 25Students with Thursday in person learning voluntarily come to campus all day
Fri. March 26Regular distance learning
Mon. March 29Regular distance learning
Tue. March 30Students with Tuesday in person learning voluntarily come to campus all day
Wed. March 31Regular distance learning
Thu. April 1Finals schedule periods 1, 2 (Distance learning)
Fri. April 2Finals schedule periods 3, 4 (Distance learning)
April 5 – 9Spring Break – No school