Adolfo Camarillo High School

EST. 1956

Covid-19 School Site Safety Plan

How can staff enter the campus each day?

Staff Park in front of the office lot or upper parking lot.

Where are the entrances for students?

Student drop off is in the designated area on Mission Oaks Blvd and Lower Lot. Student Parking is in the Lower Lot. 

If they are dropped off at Mission Oaks, they cross at the crosswalk with the crossing guards, walk to A-1 to enter their ID or ID number in the Raptor system and go through the thermal scanner. 

If they are dropped off or park in the Lower Lot, they enter through the gate at the AG area (from Lower Lot), walk through AG, up the stairs, at the top, they turn Right and walk around the Cafeteria to the Faculty Cafeteria. They enter the side door of the Faculty Cafeteria to put their ID or ID number in the Raptor system and go through the thermal scanner.

How will students’ privacy be protected during thermal scanning?

Only two students are in the room at a time (one with the thermal scanner and one at Raptor. The systems are set up so that only the staff member sitting at the computer can see the image on the thermal scanner. If a student shows at having a temperature, they will be asked to sit in the screened off area to wait for the nurse.

What instructions will be provided for students so they understand the expectations (masks, traffic patterns, assigned pods, etc.)

During the first week back (next week and 4th quarter), parent Volunteers and staff will be handing out maps with the traffic directions for hallways. 

The Main hallway is going Up and the two side halls are going Down. Halls by classes will be alternating directions (every other hallway).

Signs will be around campus to remind students to wear masks and the direction of the hallways. Upon entry into the thermal scanner rooms, staff will remind students of the expectations while on campus. 

Staff members will be at the Pods area (CAM Cabanas) and will assign students to Pods (Once assigned to a Pod tent, that is also the Lunch Pod tent. Pod assignments are based on the Pod assigned for Period 2 or the Period 2 class). Entrance into the CAM Cabanas area is one direction, exit is another direction.

How will students go to lunch?

Students will pick up their food when they enter campus. Lunch is in their assigned Pod in the CAM Cabanas area.

Classroom Cleaning Schedule

Classrooms will be cleaned between periods if in use. They will also be cleaned each night.

Who is responsible for the daily classroom cleaning?

The Custodial crew is responsible for daily classroom cleaning.

Who will a teacher need to contact if cleaning is not happening?

Teachers will contact the AP over facilities (Karen Chadwick) if rooms are not being cleaned.

What are the expectations for Classroom Cleaning for Teachers?

Teachers will have PPE supplies in their rooms. The custodial crew will wipe down tables (desks), door knobs, and empty trash.

Rooms being used will be given a deep cleaning at night.