NOTICE: Visit our COVID website at for the lates update and procedures on our Hybrid Reopening of all Schools.

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Adolfo Camarillo High School

EST. 1956

Covid-19 Student Protocols

Entering Campus

ACHS will have two entrances into school with full screening in place. Students will need to bring their school ID, fill out the passive screening questionnaire (emailed to students each night before school) and pass through the temperature monitoring station. ALLOW TIME TO ENTER CAMPUS. It will take longer to get onto campus; please take that into consideration when planning an arrival time. You will save time by filling out the prescreening email before coming to campus and bringing an ID daily to be scanned.

Students will enter through classroom A-1 (which is the first room on the left as you enter the main hallway) and will then proceed into the main hallway as they move towards their class. The walkways will all be one way “roads” and a lot of signage as well as friendly adults will help students during the first few days. The second entrance will be for students entering from the lower parking lot area.

Students will walk through the Ag area (a new pathway is being put in as we speak) and then proceed up the steps to the fire lane. Students will proceed to the faculty dining room (located near the cafeteria) and will be checked in.

Exiting Campus

Students will exit from two locations: the gate that is located between the Band room and the Administration building and the ramp that goes down to the lower lot.


  • Pay attention to the one way halls (each student will be handed a map and arrows indicating directions will be posted).
  • Keep social distance on campus at all times.

Leaving Early

If your student is planning to return to school, they will be required to be on campus all day, from 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM. They will only be able to leave early with parent permission. Students with first or fourth period dismissals may still come during first or leave after third period. They will need to show their Student Vue to the person at the exit gate as their ID card is scanned in order for them to be allowed to leave campus. If a student has a dismissal period in the middle of their schedule, they will be assigned a pod to go to where they can do homework.


  • ACHS is a closed campus. Students are not to leave campus during lunch or dismissal periods (period 2/3)
    Period one dismissal: Students can come to campus and sit in a CAM Cabana or come to school at the beginning of Period two.
  • Period Two and Period Three Dismissals: Student will sit in a CAM Cabana to do their work. They cannot leave campus.
  • Period Four dismissal: Students can remain on campus and sit in a CAM Cabana to do work or leave campus (if leaving, they will be required to show their schedule on student VUE to the campus supervisor or staff member at the exits before leaving
  • Students that need to leave for an appointment must have an off-campus pass (students drop off the parent note in the morning at the front window basket labeled Off-Campus passes) and pick the off-campus pass up before exiting.



  • Breakfast and Lunch will be provided to you as you enter the campus (free of charge for everyone).
  • Students are allowed to bring their own lunch.
  • All food should be individually wrapped. 
  • Masks can be removed to eat outdoors.


  • Chromebook (charged). Charger (if needed there are power strips to charge Chromebook).
  • Any class supplies needed (books, pens, paper, pencils).
  • Bring water (drinking fountains are turned off).
  • If you are going to be in the Cabanas, remember to bring a sweatshirt or jacket.