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Adolfo Camarillo High School

EST. 1956

Current 10th Grade Registration

Registration for the 2021-2022 School Year.

The registration window for all students is open March 9 to April 16. Registration consists of the following 6 steps.

STEP 1: Orientation Video

Watch your Counselor Orientation Video.

STEP 2: StudentVue Course Request Video

Watch the StudentVue Course Request Video. (Instructions on how to choose courses in StudentVue.)

STEP 3: Click Links for More Information

View links provided to be knowledgeable in the following areas:

For additional information about our High School and A-G Requirements, please go to

For additional information about Course Sequences by Department, please click the links below.

For additional information about programs available at ACHS, please click the links below.

For additional information about courses that are offered at ACHS, please go to

STEP 4: Next Year's Course Selection Form

View your next grade level Course Selection Form as a visual to choose classes available to you.

STEP 5: StudentVue Login

Login to StudentVue and choose courses. Some students will be able to see teacher recommendations if applicable.

STEP 6: Counselor Virtual Appointment

Check the Date/Time of your counselor virtual appointment. Click your counselor’s name under the Zoom links on the Date/Time of your virtual appointment. Students will have a 10 minute session to meet with their counselor virtually via Zoom. Students must log in on time. If a student does not show up to their set session, their counselors will choose courses on their behalf. We will not have any make ups. Students must choose classes in StudentVue prior to their counselor appointment and be prepared with any questions they may have.  At your session you will finalize any last-minute changes. Parents are welcome to attend the virtual session.

Counselor Zoom Links

Registration Schedule

Student IDGradeCounselorDateTime
66110Linda SmithMarch 2412:30 PM
66210Christine BruggmanMarch 25th12:30 PM
66310Linda SmithMarch 241:30 PM
66510Marci PinuelasMarch 24th10:10 AM
66810Christine BruggmanMarch 24th11:20 AM
67010Christine BruggmanMarch 25th10:50 AM
67310Linda SmithMarch 1910:40 AM
67410Linda SmithMarch 2510:10 AM
67710Linda SmithMarch 2512:40 PM
67910Linda SmithMarch 2612:50 PM
68610Marci PinuelasMarch 29th9:30 AM
68710Marisa StutevilleMarch 24th12:50 PM
69110Marisa StutevilleMarch 26th10:20 AM
69210Thomas TaketaMarch 29th11:30 AM
70210Hugo TapiaMarch 24th9:40 AM
70410Christine BruggmanMarch 24th12:30 PM
70710Christine BruggmanMarch 26th2:50 PM
71610Linda SmithMarch 241:20 PM
72010Marci PinuelasMarch 25th11:10 AM
72910Marisa StutevilleMarch 26th11:30 AM
73010Marisa StutevilleMarch 26th1:10 PM
74410Christine BruggmanMarch 29th9:30 AM
74610Linda SmithMarch 1812:30 PM
79410Linda SmithMarch 182:10 PM
16310310Marisa StutevilleMarch 25th10:30 AM
16323910Thomas TaketaMarch 24th9:50 AM
16324110Thomas TaketaMarch 24th9:20 AM
16401110Christine BruggmanMarch 24th9:00 AM
17311010Marisa StutevilleMarch 25th10:20 AM
17360010Marci PinuelasMarch 24th11:10 AM
17360210Thomas TaketaMarch 24th2:10 PM
17824110Hugo TapiaMarch 24th2:00 PM
17826110Linda SmithMarch 259:40 AM
17827210Marci PinuelasMarch 26th2:00 PM
18305010Linda SmithMarch 2612:40 PM
18366410Marci PinuelasMarch 29th10:50 AM
18858610Marisa StutevilleMarch 24th10:50 AM
18858710Marisa StutevilleMarch 25th9:40 AM
18877110Marisa StutevilleMarch 24th1:40 PM
18897910Linda SmithMarch 2410:20 AM
18920210Christine BruggmanMarch 26th2:30 PM
18920910Marisa StutevilleMarch 24th1:10 PM
18949410Marci PinuelasMarch 26th11:40 AM
18949510Thomas TaketaMarch 26th1:10 PM
18949910Christine BruggmanMarch 26th11:20 AM
18950010Marisa StutevilleMarch 24th11:20 AM
18950410Thomas TaketaMarch 24th1:30 PM
18954610Marci PinuelasMarch 25th11:20 AM
18954710Linda SmithMarch 2610:10 AM
18961110Christine BruggmanMarch 24th1:20 PM
18961410Marisa StutevilleMarch 25th12:30 PM
18963910Linda SmithMarch 262:00 PM
18964210Hugo TapiaMarch 25th9:10 AM
18964410Marci PinuelasMarch 26th2:20 PM
18964610Hugo TapiaMarch 26th10:20 AM
18967810Marisa StutevilleMarch 24th9:10 AM
18968010Hugo TapiaMarch 29th11:30 AM
18968310Linda SmithMarch 262:30 PM
18968410Marisa StutevilleMarch 26th10:10 AM
18970210Hugo TapiaMarch 29th1:40 PM
18970310Marci PinuelasMarch 24th1:40 PM
18970410Linda SmithMarch 241:00 PM
18970510Christine BruggmanMarch 26th2:20 PM
18970810Marci PinuelasMarch 26th1:40 PM
18970910Christine BruggmanMarch 26th2:40 PM
18971110Marisa StutevilleMarch 26th11:40 AM
18972710Marci PinuelasMarch 26th11:00 AM
18973210Marisa StutevilleMarch 25th9:20 AM
18975110Marisa StutevilleMarch 24th9:20 AM
18975210Marisa StutevilleMarch 24th9:30 AM
18975410Hugo TapiaMarch 29th12:40 PM
18975610Thomas TaketaMarch 25th11:30 AM
18975710Hugo TapiaMarch 25th12:40 PM
18975910Linda SmithMarch 269:20 PM
18976010Linda SmithMarch 199:40 AM
18976210Thomas TaketaMarch 29th9:30 AM
18976410Marci PinuelasMarch 25th11:30 AM
18976510Marisa StutevilleMarch 24th1:30 PM
18976610Christine BruggmanMarch 26th1:00 PM
18976710Marci PinuelasMarch 25th9:20 AM
18976910Thomas TaketaMarch 25th11:40 AM
18978110Linda SmithMarch 2511:20 AM
18978310Hugo TapiaMarch 29th2:20 PM
18978510Linda SmithMarch 2510:30 AM
18978610Hugo TapiaMarch 24th11:30 AM
18979810Linda SmithMarch 2611:30 AM
18979910Marci PinuelasMarch 25th11:00 AM
18980010Marci PinuelasMarch 25th10:00 AM
18980210Marisa StutevilleMarch 25th9:00 AM
18980310Marci PinuelasMarch 26th9:50 AM
18980510Thomas TaketaMarch 29th9:50 AM
18980610Linda SmithMarch 249:00 AM
18980910Linda SmithMarch 2611:10 AM
18981310Christine BruggmanMarch 24th10:30 AM
18984510Linda SmithMarch 262:10 PM
18984710Thomas TaketaMarch 24th10:50 AM
18984810Thomas TaketaMarch 26th10:40 AM
18985410Linda SmithMarch 2410:40 AM
18986810Marisa StutevilleMarch 26th10:30 AM
18986910Marci PinuelasMarch 29th9:10 AM
18987510Marisa StutevilleMarch 25th12:10 PM
18987610Marci PinuelasMarch 25th10:30 AM
18987710Hugo TapiaMarch 24th11:10 AM
18987810Marci PinuelasMarch 24th10:20 AM
18987910Marisa StutevilleMarch 26th1:20 PM
18988010Hugo TapiaMarch 26th10:40 AM
18988110Hugo TapiaMarch 29th1:20 PM
18988210Christine BruggmanMarch 24th11:10 AM
18988310Hugo TapiaMarch 24th10:30 AM
18988410Christine BruggmanMarch 24th2:10 PM
18988510Linda SmithMarch 1812:50 PM
18988710Thomas TaketaMarch 24th10:10 AM
18988810Thomas TaketaMarch 24th10:20 AM
18988910Hugo TapiaMarch 26th1:10 PM
18989010Christine BruggmanMarch 24th12:40 PM
18989810Hugo TapiaMarch 25th9:00 AM
18989910Marisa StutevilleMarch 25th9:50 AM
18990110Marci PinuelasMarch 29th10:40 AM
18990210Marisa StutevilleMarch 25th12:20 PM
18990310Christine BruggmanMarch 24th1:30 PM
18990510Hugo TapiaMarch 26th9:40 AM
18991010Linda SmithMarch 2510:00 AM
18991110Christine BruggmanMarch 25th11:10 AM
18992510Christine BruggmanMarch 25th10:20 AM
18992710Linda SmithMarch 2511:40 AM
18992810Marisa StutevilleMarch 26th9:30 AM
18994510Hugo TapiaMarch 26th10:00 AM
18994610Hugo TapiaMarch 24th1:00 PM
18994710Linda SmithMarch 2611:00 AM
18994810Marisa StutevilleMarch 26th2:00 PM
18994910Linda SmithMarch 261:40 PM
18995010Marci PinuelasMarch 25th10:20 AM
18995210Hugo TapiaMarch 24th1:30 PM
18995310Linda SmithMarch 269:50 AM
18995510Linda SmithMarch 249:40 AM
18995610Linda SmithMarch 2610:50 AM
18995710Christine BruggmanMarch 25th9:10 AM
18995910Marci PinuelasMarch 26th1:00 PM
18996210Linda SmithMarch 2610:30 AM
18996310Thomas TaketaMarch 24th11:10 AM
18996410Marci PinuelasMarch 26th9:30 AM
18996910Hugo TapiaMarch 25th10:00 AM
18997210Thomas TaketaMarch 26th12:00
18997910Christine BruggmanMarch 25th12:00
18998210Linda SmithMarch 249:30 AM
18998310Marci PinuelasMarch 25th12:30 PM
18998410Hugo TapiaMarch 26th10:10 AM
18998510Marci PinuelasMarch 24th9:50 AM
18998710Hugo TapiaMarch 25th11:40 AM
18998810Marci PinuelasMarch 24th9:10 AM
18998910Marci PinuelasMarch 25th9:00 AM
18999110Marisa StutevilleMarch 25th10:10 AM
19000810Hugo TapiaMarch 26th11:00 AM
19004610Thomas TaketaMarch 24th11:20 AM
19004810Hugo TapiaMarch 24th1:40 PM
19004910Marisa StutevilleMarch 24th10:20 AM
19005110Linda SmithMarch 262:40 PM
19005210Linda SmithMarch 1910:50 AM
19005510Marisa StutevilleMarch 26th11:20 AM
19006110Christine BruggmanMarch 26th11:00 AM
19006610Hugo TapiaMarch 26th9:50 AM
19006810Linda SmithMarch 2611:20 AM
19007210Marci PinuelasMarch 24th2:40 PM
19007610Linda SmithMarch 2511:10 AM
19007810Marisa StutevilleMarch 24th11:10 AM
19010810Marci PinuelasMarch 24th2:20 PM
19011010Marci PinuelasMarch 26th2:50 PM
19011110Hugo TapiaMarch 29th2:40 PM
19011210Marisa StutevilleMarch 25th11:10 AM
19011610Hugo TapiaMarch 25th11:20 AM
19011710Linda SmithMarch 259:50 AM
19011810Marisa StutevilleMarch 24th2:30 PM
19012010Linda SmithMarch 2410:10 AM
19012210Thomas TaketaMarch 29th10:10 AM
19013310Christine BruggmanMarch 24th2:40 PM
19013410Thomas TaketaMarch 26th9:40 AM
19013610Marci PinuelasMarch 24th12:50 PM
19013910Marisa StutevilleMarch 25th11:40 AM
19014010Hugo TapiaMarch 29th9:40 AM
19014310Linda SmithMarch 182:50 PM
19014710Hugo TapiaMarch 26th1:00 PM
19014910Christine BruggmanMarch 24th2:00 PM
19015110Marci PinuelasMarch 26th2:30 PM
19015310Thomas TaketaMarch 24th10:30 AM
19015510Hugo TapiaMarch 26th2:20 PM
19015810Hugo TapiaMarch 25th11:00 AM
19015910Hugo TapiaMarch 24th1:10 PM
19016310Hugo TapiaMarch 29th9:20 AM
19016410Marisa StutevilleMarch 26th9:50 AM
19016610Christine BruggmanMarch 24th1:40 PM
19016910Hugo TapiaMarch 29th9:30 AM
19017410Linda SmithMarch 1911:00 AM
19017610Linda SmithMarch 2510:50 AM
19017710Hugo TapiaMarch 24th2:20 PM
19017910Marci PinuelasMarch 29th10:20 AM
19018310Hugo TapiaMarch 29th11:20 AM
19018910Marisa StutevilleMarch 24th2:10 PM
19019410Hugo TapiaMarch 24th11:00 AM
19020810Hugo TapiaMarch 26th2:00 PM
19021010Linda SmithMarch 2512:20 PM
19021210Thomas TaketaMarch 26th2:00 PM
19021610Linda SmithMarch 262:20 PM
19021810Marci PinuelasMarch 26th10:00 AM
19021910Hugo TapiaMarch 26th2:40 PM
19022010Marisa StutevilleMarch 25th10:50 AM
19022210Hugo TapiaMarch 29th9:00 AM
19022510Hugo TapiaMarch 24th12:40 PM
19022910Thomas TaketaMarch 24th2:40 PM
19023010Christine BruggmanMarch 24th9:40 AM
19023110Hugo TapiaMarch 24th10:50 AM
19023510Thomas TaketaMarch 24th1:00 PM
19023610Linda SmithMarch 182:30 PM
19023710Marci PinuelasMarch 26th11:20 AM
19023810Marisa StutevilleMarch 26th1:30 PM
19024010Hugo TapiaMarch 24th9:00 AM
19024210Linda SmithMarch 182:00 PM
19024410Christine BruggmanMarch 26th10:00 AM
19024510Thomas TaketaMarch 26th9:50 AM
19024610Marci PinuelasMarch 25th12:40 PM
19024710Linda SmithMarch 261:00 PM
19024810Marci PinuelasMarch 24th10:30 AM
19025410Hugo TapiaMarch 26th2:30 PM
19025610Christine BruggmanMarch 25th12:20 PM
19026010Christine BruggmanMarch 26th1:40 PM
19029210Christine BruggmanMarch 25th11:30 AM
19029310Marisa StutevilleMarch 26th1:00 PM
19029510Thomas TaketaMarch 25th11:20 AM
19029610Linda SmithMarch 181:40 PM
19029710Thomas TaketaMarch 24th12:30 PM
19029810Thomas TaketaMarch 24th11:30 AM
19030210Christine BruggmanMarch 26th10:20 AM
19030310Hugo TapiaMarch 29th12:50 PM
19030410Hugo TapiaMarch 24th9:20 AM
19030510Thomas TaketaMarch 25th12:00
19030610Christine BruggmanMarch 24th11:00 AM
19030810Christine BruggmanMarch 26th10:30 AM
19030910Christine BruggmanMarch 24th9:20 AM
19031010Marisa StutevilleMarch 24th2:40 PM
19031110Hugo TapiaMarch 24th12:30 PM
19033610Hugo TapiaMarch 24th10:20 AM
19035110Christine BruggmanMarch 26th10:40 AM
19035410Linda SmithMarch 259:10 AM
19035710Linda SmithMarch 261:20 PM
19035910Thomas TaketaMarch 26th11:00 AM
19036110Thomas TaketaMarch 29th11:10 AM
19036310Hugo TapiaMarch 29th2:00 PM
19037210Christine BruggmanMarch 26th11:40 AM
19037310Hugo TapiaMarch 24th2:50 PM
19037510Marci PinuelasMarch 24th1:10 PM
19041110Marisa StutevilleMarch 24th9:40 AM
19042610Marisa StutevilleMarch 26th11:10 AM
19044310Linda SmithMarch 241:10 PM
19044910Christine BruggmanMarch 26th11:10 AM
19049110Hugo TapiaMarch 29th10:10 AM
19049210Hugo TapiaMarch 29th10:20 AM
19049610Marci PinuelasMarch 24th12:40 PM
19050010Thomas TaketaMarch 26th2:20 PM
19050310Hugo TapiaMarch 24th2:30 PM
19050510Linda SmithMarch 2411:30 AM
19050710Thomas TaketaMarch 24th2:30 PM
19054210Linda SmithMarch 249:20 AM
19055810Marci PinuelasMarch 24th9:40 AM
19056010Marisa StutevilleMarch 26th2:40 PM
19056510Marci PinuelasMarch 26th10:20 AM
19057110Christine BruggmanMarch 24th2:30 PM
19061810Linda SmithMarch 2410:30 AM
19064510Christine BruggmanMarch 24th9:50 AM
19071210Marci PinuelasMarch 25th12:00 PM
19071310Hugo TapiaMarch 24th10:40 AM
19071410Christine BruggmanMarch 25th11:20 AM
19071810Marci PinuelasMarch 24th1:30 PM
19072010Thomas TaketaMarch 25th10:30 AM
19072110Hugo TapiaMarch 25th10:30 AM
19072310Hugo TapiaMarch 29th2:30 PM
19072410Linda SmithMarch 181:10 PM
19072710Christine BruggmanMarch 25th11:40 AM
19073210Hugo TapiaMarch 24th12:50 PM
19082810Marisa StutevilleMarch 24th1:00 PM
19082910Christine BruggmanMarch 25th10:00 AM
19083510Christine BruggmanMarch 26th9:40 AM
19083610Christine BruggmanMarch 26th9:50 AM
19087210Marci PinuelasMarch 24th10:40 AM
19093410Linda SmithMarch 2512:30 PM
19094710Linda SmithMarch 1911:10 AM
19095110Linda SmithMarch 2411:10 AM
19095710Thomas TaketaMarch 24th11:00 AM
19095810Christine BruggmanMarch 26th9:30 AM
19095910Christine BruggmanMarch 26th1:20 PM
19097610Thomas TaketaMarch 25th11:00 AM
19101810Christine BruggmanMarch 29th9:00 AM
19102010Hugo TapiaMarch 24th1:20 PM
19102410Hugo TapiaMarch 25th12:30 PM
19102710Marci PinuelasMarch 25th10:10 AM
19102910Hugo TapiaMarch 26th11:30 AM
19103110Marisa StutevilleMarch 24th9:00 AM
19109810Marci PinuelasMarch 24th2:00 PM
19110010Thomas TaketaMarch 29th10:30 AM
19120410Marci PinuelasMarch 24th11:00 AM
19127610Linda SmithMarch 1812:40 PM
19160710Linda SmithMarch 1911:20 AM
19164510Hugo TapiaMarch 26th11:20 AM
19176610Hugo TapiaMarch 24th2:10 PM
19177110Linda SmithMarch 2510:20 AM
19178210Thomas TaketaMarch 26th10:10 AM
19178510Marci PinuelasMarch 25th12:20 PM
19183110Linda SmithMarch 249:10 AM
19183410Christine BruggmanMarch 24th9:30 AM
19183510Hugo TapiaMarch 26th11:40 AM
19183810Christine BruggmanMarch 25th9:00 AM
19183910Hugo TapiaMarch 24th11:20 AM
19184210Marci PinuelasMarch 29th9:20 AM
19184410Marci PinuelasMarch 24th11:20 AM
19186010Thomas TaketaMarch 26th1:30 PM
19186510Marisa StutevilleMarch 24th12:30 PM
19187410Linda SmithMarch 1911:30 AM
19188310Christine BruggmanMarch 26th1:30 PM
19188910Linda SmithMarch 181:00 PM
19189010Marci PinuelasMarch 26th11:30 AM
19189210Marci PinuelasMarch 25th12:10 PM
19189810Hugo TapiaMarch 25th10:50 AM
19190210Christine BruggmanMarch 25th11:00 AM
19191710Thomas TaketaMarch 25th9:40 AM
19191810Hugo TapiaMarch 25th12:10 PM
19192110Marisa StutevilleMarch 24th1:20 PM
19192210Linda SmithMarch 261:30 PM
19192510Christine BruggmanMarch 24th11:30 AM
19192810Hugo TapiaMarch 26th9:30 AM
19193310Christine BruggmanMarch 26th2:00 PM
19197310Marisa StutevilleMarch 25th9:10 AM
19198010Marci PinuelasMarch 25th9:10 AM
19198210Marci PinuelasMarch 26th2:40 PM
19198510Hugo TapiaMarch 29th11:00 AM
19200110Christine BruggmanMarch 29th9:20 AM
19202510Marisa StutevilleMarch 24th2:50 PM
19203410Hugo TapiaMarch 29th1:10 PM
19205610Hugo TapiaMarch 25th12:00 PM
19205710Christine BruggmanMarch 26th11:30 AM
19205810Hugo TapiaMarch 25th9:40 AM
19206010Thomas TaketaMarch 25th10:00 AM
19209010Thomas TaketaMarch 26th2:30 PM
19209810Linda SmithMarch 2610:40 AM
19212010Marisa StutevilleMarch 24th2:00 PM
19213310Christine BruggmanMarch 26th12:00
19213610Hugo TapiaMarch 29th11:10 AM
19214710Thomas TaketaMarch 26th10:00 AM
19216410Christine BruggmanMarch 25th12:00 PM
19216810Christine BruggmanMarch 26th10:10 AM
19218810Christine BruggmanMarch 25th9:50 AM
19221810Christine BruggmanMarch 25th10:10 AM
19221910Marci PinuelasMarch 25th10:50 AM
19222310Linda SmithMarch 2512:00 PM
19222910Linda SmithMarch 2512:10 PM
19227210Christine BruggmanMarch 25th9:20 AM
19227710Marci PinuelasMarch 29th10:30 AM
19232810Marci PinuelasMarch 24th11:30 AM
19233410Thomas TaketaMarch 26th11:30 AM
19239710Linda SmithMarch 182:40 PM
19241410Thomas TaketaMarch 24th9:30 AM
19250510Linda SmithMarch 2412:50 PM
19252710Marci PinuelasMarch 25th11:40 AM
19253610Marisa StutevilleMarch 26th2:20 PM
19258510Marci PinuelasMarch 24th12:30 PM
19259610Thomas TaketaMarch 29th11:20 AM
19260610Hugo TapiaMarch 29th10:40 AM
19262610Linda SmithMarch 259:20 AM
19272910Thomas TaketaMarch 24th1:10 PM
19279110Marisa StutevilleMarch 25th12:00
19290810Hugo TapiaMarch 29th9:50 AM
19291210Marisa StutevilleMarch 26th1:40 PM
19291610Christine BruggmanMarch 24th10:10 AM
19291710Christine BruggmanMarch 25th10:30 AM
19292110Thomas TaketaMarch 25th12:40 PM
19292310Christine BruggmanMarch 26th1:10 PM
19293410Christine BruggmanMarch 24th10:40 AM
19293510Thomas TaketaMarch 24th9:00 AM
19294110Thomas TaketaMarch 29th10:40 AM
19302510Marisa StutevilleMarch 24th11:30 AM
19302610Marci PinuelasMarch 29th9:50 AM
19302810Thomas TaketaMarch 26th10:30 AM
19302910Marci PinuelasMarch 24th9:30 AM
19303010Christine BruggmanMarch 25th9:40 AM
19303510Marisa StutevilleMarch 25th12:00 PM
19304310Marci PinuelasMarch 26th1:10 PM
19309710Thomas TaketaMarch 25th12:20 PM
19309810Marci PinuelasMarch 24th9:00 AM
19309910Marisa StutevilleMarch 25th11:30 AM
19312010Linda SmithMarch 1910:20 AM
19313210Hugo TapiaMarch 29th1:00 PM
19314510Thomas TaketaMarch 24th2:50 PM
19314710Linda SmithMarch 182:20 PM
19315210Marci PinuelasMarch 25th9:50 AM
19315310Thomas TaketaMarch 24th1:40 PM
19316810Linda SmithMarch 269:30 AM
19316910Thomas TaketaMarch 26th2:40 PM
19317010Marci PinuelasMarch 29th10:10 AM
19317610Marisa StutevilleMarch 25th10:00 AM
19319510Marci PinuelasMarch 24th2:30 PM
19319610Thomas TaketaMarch 26th11:20 AM
19319710Hugo TapiaMarch 26th1:30 PM
19319910Marisa StutevilleMarch 26th2:50 PM
19320310Thomas TaketaMarch 24th10:40 AM
19320410Hugo TapiaMarch 29th1:30 PM
19320610Marisa StutevilleMarch 26th9:40 AM
19321610Marci PinuelasMarch 25th9:40 AM
19322810Thomas TaketaMarch 26th11:10 AM
19322910Thomas TaketaMarch 26th10:20 AM
19323010Marci PinuelasMarch 29th9:40 AM
19323210Thomas TaketaMarch 29th9:40 AM
19323410Thomas TaketaMarch 24th12:40 PM
19324510Thomas TaketaMarch 26th2:50 PM
19324610Marci PinuelasMarch 24th1:00 PM
19324810Linda SmithMarch 2410:50 AM
19324910Thomas TaketaMarch 24th9:10 AM
19325110Marisa StutevilleMarch 25th11:20 AM
19326410Hugo TapiaMarch 26th12:00
19327310Thomas TaketaMarch 25th10:10 AM
19327510Thomas TaketaMarch 25th12:10 PM
19328310Linda SmithMarch 241:40 PM
19330510Thomas TaketaMarch 25th10:50 AM
19331210Thomas TaketaMarch 29th11:00 AM
19334910Linda SmithMarch 2612:30 PM
19335010Marci PinuelasMarch 26th10:10 AM
19335210Marisa StutevilleMarch 24th10:10 AM
19338410Marci PinuelasMarch 25th12:00
19340210Thomas TaketaMarch 26th1:20 PM
19340310Marisa StutevilleMarch 24th12:40 PM
19343810Hugo TapiaMarch 29th9:10 AM
19345910Hugo TapiaMarch 26th10:30 AM
19346010Marci PinuelasMarch 26th1:20 PM
19346510Linda SmithMarch 2511:30 AM
19346610Marci PinuelasMarch 26th1:30 PM
19349510Marisa StutevilleMarch 25th12:40 PM
19349610Thomas TaketaMarch 29th10:50 AM
19361610Thomas TaketaMarch 29th9:00 AM
19361810Hugo TapiaMarch 25th11:10 AM
19361910Hugo TapiaMarch 24th9:50 AM
19363510Hugo TapiaMarch 25th12:00
19363810Marci PinuelasMarch 24th10:50 AM
19364910Marci PinuelasMarch 24th1:20 PM
19367410Christine BruggmanMarch 24th9:10 AM
19368610Thomas TaketaMarch 29th9:10 AM
19368710Linda SmithMarch 1910:10 AM
19369210Thomas TaketaMarch 26th11:40 AM
19369510Hugo TapiaMarch 25th10:10 AM
19370910Christine BruggmanMarch 24th2:50 PM
19372310Hugo TapiaMarch 29th10:30 AM
19373510Christine BruggmanMarch 25th12:10 PM
19375710Linda SmithMarch 261:10 PM
19378410Linda SmithMarch 249:50 AM
19379210Christine BruggmanMarch 24th1:00 PM
19379310Hugo TapiaMarch 29th2:10 PM
19380910Thomas TaketaMarch 25th12:30 PM
19382010Marisa StutevilleMarch 24th10:30 AM
19383110Linda SmithMarch 269:40 AM
19384510Marisa StutevilleMarch 26th11:00 AM
19384610Hugo TapiaMarch 25th9:50 AM
19389010Thomas TaketaMarch 25th11:10 AM
19389210Marisa StutevilleMarch 24th9:50 AM
19389710Hugo TapiaMarch 25th12:20 PM
19390010Thomas TaketaMarch 29th12:30 PM
19390110Thomas TaketaMarch 29th12:40 PM
19390410Hugo TapiaMarch 26th11:10 AM
19391410Thomas TaketaMarch 24th1:20 PM
19392610Hugo TapiaMarch 26th2:50 PM
19393810Thomas TaketaMarch 25th10:20 AM
19394410Marisa StutevilleMarch 26th10:40 AM
19394610Thomas TaketaMarch 26th9:30 AM
19394910Thomas TaketaMarch 24th12:50 PM
19395010Thomas TaketaMarch 29th9:20 AM
19395110Thomas TaketaMarch 29th10:20 AM
19395410Marisa StutevilleMarch 24th11:00 AM
19397610Marisa StutevilleMarch 25th11:00 AM
19397910Hugo TapiaMarch 24th9:30 AM
19398810Marisa StutevilleMarch 24th10:40 AM
19399210Marci PinuelasMarch 24th2:10 PM
19405310Linda SmithMarch 262:50 PM
19406810Christine BruggmanMarch 24th12:50 PM
19408410Thomas TaketaMarch 25th9:00 AM
19408810Thomas TaketaMarch 24th2:00 PM
19409010Linda SmithMarch 2412:40 PM
19409410Marisa StutevilleMarch 26th2:30 PM
19409710Linda SmithMarch 181:30 PM
19409810Hugo TapiaMarch 24th2:40 PM
19410310Hugo TapiaMarch 25th9:20 AM
19411010Thomas TaketaMarch 24th2:20 PM
19411410Hugo TapiaMarch 24th9:10 AM
19411510Linda SmithMarch 199:50 AM
19412010Marci PinuelasMarch 26th9:40 AM
19412410Thomas TaketaMarch 25th9:50 AM
19414510Linda SmithMarch 2411:00 AM
19417710Thomas TaketaMarch 26th1:00 PM
19422710Thomas TaketaMarch 26th1:40 PM
19425310Hugo TapiaMarch 29th12:30 PM
19425610Thomas TaketaMarch 25th9:10 AM
19426010Marci PinuelasMarch 26th12:00
19428110Christine BruggmanMarch 24th1:10 PM
19428210Thomas TaketaMarch 25th9:20 AM
19430610Thomas TaketaMarch 24th9:40 AM
19432610Hugo TapiaMarch 24th10:10 AM
19432810Christine BruggmanMarch 29th9:10 AM
19434310Linda SmithMarch 259:00 AM
19435010Marci PinuelasMarch 24th9:20 AM
19436410Linda SmithMarch 2511:00 AM
19441810Marci PinuelasMarch 26th10:30 AM
19441910Marci PinuelasMarch 26th10:40 AM
19442910Hugo TapiaMarch 26th1:40 PM
19454010Hugo TapiaMarch 26th1:20 PM
19473410Thomas TaketaMarch 25th12:00 PM
19670310Hugo TapiaMarch 25th11:30 AM
19925110Christine BruggmanMarch 24th10:20 AM
19960510Marisa StutevilleMarch 26th12:00
19977810Christine BruggmanMarch 24th10:50 AM
19978110Linda SmithMarch 181:20 PM
19988210Marisa StutevilleMarch 26th10:00 AM
20002010Marci PinuelasMarch 29th9:00 AM
20003510Marci PinuelasMarch 26th11:10 AM
20045610Hugo TapiaMarch 25th10:20 AM
20050310Christine BruggmanMarch 24th2:20 PM
20058310Hugo TapiaMarch 29th10:50 AM
20058910Linda SmithMarch 2411:20 AM
20061310Marci PinuelasMarch 24th2:50 PM
20065810Marisa StutevilleMarch 24th2:20 PM
20066010Linda SmithMarch 1910:30 AM
149315110Linda SmithMarch 2610:20 AM