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Adolfo Camarillo High School

EST. 1956

Current 11th Grade Registration

Registration for the 2021-2022 School Year.

The registration window for all students is open March 9 to April 16. Registration consists of the following 6 steps.

STEP 1: Orientation Video

Watch your Counselor Orientation Video.

STEP 2: StudentVue Course Request Video

Watch the StudentVue Course Request Video. (Instructions on how to choose courses in StudentVue.)

STEP 3: Click Links for More Information

View links provided to be knowledgeable in the following areas:

For additional information about our High School and A-G Requirements, please go to

For additional information about Course Sequences by Department, please click the links below.

For additional information about programs available at ACHS, please click the links below.

For additional information about courses that are offered at ACHS, please go to

STEP 4: Next Year's Course Selection Form

View your next grade level Course Selection Form as a visual to choose classes available to you.

STEP 5: StudentVue Login

Login to StudentVue and choose courses. Some students will be able to see teacher recommendations if applicable.

STEP 6: Counselor Virtual Appointment

Check the Date/Time of your counselor virtual appointment. Click your counselor’s name under the Zoom links on the Date/Time of your virtual appointment. Students will have a 10 minute session to meet with their counselor virtually via Zoom. Students must log in on time. If a student does not show up to their set session, their counselors will choose courses on their behalf. We will not have any make ups. Students must choose classes in StudentVue prior to their counselor appointment and be prepared with any questions they may have.  At your session you will finalize any last-minute changes. Parents are welcome to attend the virtual session.

Counselor Zoom Links

Registration Schedule

Student IDGradeCounselorDateTime
40811Linda SmithMarch 309:00 AM
51311Thomas TaketaMarch 29th2:10 PM
51611Christine BruggmanMarch 29th11:30 AM
52211Christine BruggmanMarch 31st9:00 AM
52311Christine BruggmanMarch 31st10:40 AM
52411Christine BruggmanMarch 31st2:40 PM
53311Linda SmithMarch 3011:00 AM
53411Linda SmithMarch 3011:20 AM
53611Linda SmithMarch 301:10 PM
53711Linda SmithApril 110:10 AM
53811Marci PinuelasMarch 30th9:40 AM
53911Marci PinuelasMarch 30th10:30 AM
55611Marisa StutevilleMarch 31th9:40 AM
55711Marisa StutevilleMarch 31th10:20 AM
55811Marisa StutevilleMarch 31th10:50 AM
59311Thomas TaketaMarch 30th9:50 AM
59411Marisa StutevilleMarch 30th1:00 PM
65611Hugo TapiaMarch 31st10:30 AM
65811Linda SmithMarch 299:00 AM
78111Linda SmithMarch 291:30 PM
78611Marisa StutevilleMarch 29th12:30 PM
15824011Marisa StutevilleMarch 30th9:00 AM
16333811Linda SmithMarch 2911:00 AM
16388811Christine BruggmanMarch 30th10:10 AM
17277011Christine BruggmanMarch 30th1:00 PM
17884111Thomas TaketaMarch 29th1:20 PM
18153411Marci PinuelasMarch 31st1:40 PM
18274011Marisa StutevilleMarch 30th11:30 AM
18280711Marisa StutevilleMarch 30th9:40 AM
18293711Christine BruggmanMarch 31st12:30 PM
18306011Linda SmithMarch 319:10 AM
18306211Marci PinuelasMarch 31st12:40 PM
18313211Marci PinuelasMarch 29th11:10 AM
18331811Linda SmithApril 110:20 AM
18365411Marisa StutevilleMarch 31th9:30 AM
18396311Christine BruggmanMarch 29th10:20 AM
18396711Marisa StutevilleMarch 30th1:40 PM
18434111Christine BruggmanMarch 30th9:20 AM
18435811Linda SmithMarch 302:00 PM
18436311Christine BruggmanApril 1st9:30 AM
18450411Linda SmithMarch 301:40 PM
18472111Hugo TapiaMarch 30th2:00 PM
18490611Marisa StutevilleMarch 31th1:30 PM
18491411Linda SmithMarch 2910:40 AM
18491611Marci PinuelasMarch 31st9:30 AM
18492011Thomas TaketaMarch 30th1:10 PM
18500311Linda SmithMarch 3112:50 PM
18502411Thomas TaketaApril 1st10:40 AM
18503211Christine BruggmanMarch 30th9:40 AM
18507611Marisa StutevilleMarch 30th2:40 PM
18516911Linda SmithMarch 301:00 PM
18517011Thomas TaketaMarch 29th2:40 PM
18519411Marisa StutevilleMarch 30th11:10 AM
18520111Thomas TaketaMarch 30th12:40 PM
18523211Christine BruggmanMarch 31st2:50 PM
18526411Linda SmithMarch 299:30 AM
18530411Hugo TapiaMarch 30th9:00 AM
18537911Christine BruggmanApril 1st10:40 AM
18548011Thomas TaketaMarch 29th1:30 PM
18552911Thomas TaketaMarch 29th1:40 PM
18553311Hugo TapiaMarch 30th9:10 AM
18553911Thomas TaketaMarch 30th9:00 AM
18554211Marisa StutevilleMarch 31th12:30 PM
18554311Hugo TapiaMarch 30th9:20 AM
18554511Marisa StutevilleMarch 31th10:30 AM
18554711Hugo TapiaApril 1st1:20 PM
18554811Thomas TaketaMarch 30th9:40 AM
18555011Marisa StutevilleMarch 31th10:40 AM
18555111Marisa StutevilleMarch 31th12:40 PM
18555411Marisa StutevilleMarch 31th12:50 PM
18555911Hugo TapiaApril 1st1:30 PM
18556211Christine BruggmanMarch 29th10:40 AM
18556411Hugo TapiaApril 1st1:40 PM
18556711Marisa StutevilleMarch 31th1:10 PM
18556811Christine BruggmanMarch 29th11:10 AM
18557011Christine BruggmanMarch 29th11:20 AM
18557211Marisa StutevilleMarch 31th9:50 AM
18557311Christine BruggmanMarch 29th12:30 PM
18557511Marisa StutevilleMarch 31th11:10 AM
18557611Thomas TaketaMarch 30th10:10 AM
18557711Thomas TaketaApril 2nd9:10 AM
18558111Marisa StutevilleMarch 30th2:10 PM
18558311Marisa StutevilleMarch 30th2:20 PM
18558911Marisa StutevilleMarch 30th2:50 PM
18560111Thomas TaketaApril 1st1:10 PM
18560211Hugo TapiaApril 1st1:00 PM
18560411Christine BruggmanMarch 29th12:50 PM
18560511Hugo TapiaApril 1st1:10 PM
18560711Thomas TaketaApril 2nd9:00 AM
18561211Thomas TaketaApril 1st2:30 PM
18562011Marisa StutevilleMarch 30th1:30 PM
18562411Christine BruggmanMarch 29th1:20 PM
18563011Christine BruggmanMarch 29th2:00 PM
18563311Hugo TapiaMarch 30th9:50 AM
18563411Marisa StutevilleMarch 30th2:00 PM
18563511Christine BruggmanMarch 29th2:20 PM
18563711Hugo TapiaApril 1st11:20 AM
18563811Christine BruggmanMarch 29th2:40 PM
18563911Christine BruggmanMarch 30th9:00 AM
18564411Christine BruggmanMarch 30th9:30 AM
18564611Marisa StutevilleMarch 30th12:50 PM
18564811Thomas TaketaMarch 30th10:20 AM
18565011Marci PinuelasMarch 31st11:00 AM
18565111Hugo TapiaApril 1st12:50 PM
18565311Thomas TaketaApril 1st2:20 PM
18565511Marisa StutevilleMarch 30th1:10 PM
18565711Marisa StutevilleMarch 30th1:20 PM
18565911Marisa StutevilleMarch 31th10:10 AM
18566011Christine BruggmanMarch 30th10:20 AM
18566111Marci PinuelasMarch 31st2:40 PM
18566311Marci PinuelasMarch 31st2:50 PM
18566811Marci PinuelasApril 1st9:10 AM
18566911Marci PinuelasApril 1st9:20 AM
18567211Marci PinuelasApril 1st9:30 AM
18567411Marisa StutevilleMarch 30th10:50 AM
18567711Marisa StutevilleMarch 30th9:50 AM
18567911Christine BruggmanMarch 30th10:50 AM
18568311Christine BruggmanMarch 31st9:20 AM
18568811Hugo TapiaMarch 30th10:20 AM
18568911Hugo TapiaApril 1st11:10 AM
18569411Hugo TapiaMarch 30th10:40 AM
18569611Christine BruggmanMarch 30th12:40 PM
18569711Hugo TapiaMarch 30th11:10 AM
18570311Hugo TapiaMarch 30th11:20 AM
18570511Christine BruggmanMarch 30th1:10 PM
18570911Christine BruggmanMarch 30th1:40 PM
18571011Christine BruggmanMarch 30th2:00 PM
18571111Christine BruggmanMarch 31st9:10 AM
18571311Hugo TapiaMarch 30th11:30 AM
18571411Christine BruggmanMarch 31st9:30 AM
18571511Christine BruggmanMarch 31st9:40 AM
18571611Christine BruggmanMarch 31st9:50 AM
18571711Hugo TapiaMarch 30th12:30 PM
18571811Christine BruggmanMarch 31st10:20 AM
18571911Christine BruggmanMarch 31st10:30 AM
18572011Christine BruggmanMarch 31st10:50 AM
18572111Christine BruggmanMarch 31st11:10 AM
18572211Christine BruggmanMarch 31st11:30 AM
18572411Thomas TaketaMarch 30th11:10 AM
18572511Christine BruggmanMarch 31st1:10 PM
18572611Christine BruggmanMarch 31st1:40 PM
18572911Marisa StutevilleMarch 29th2:00 PM
18573111Marisa StutevilleMarch 29th2:20 PM
18573211Marisa StutevilleMarch 29th2:30 PM
18573411Thomas TaketaApril 1st1:30 PM
18573611Marisa StutevilleMarch 29th2:50 PM
18573911Hugo TapiaApril 1st9:20 AM
18574111Hugo TapiaApril 1st10:50 AM
18574611Marisa StutevilleMarch 30th9:30 AM
18574911Christine BruggmanMarch 31st2:10 PM
18575411Christine BruggmanMarch 31st2:20 PM
18575611Christine BruggmanApril 1st9:10 AM
18575911Christine BruggmanApril 1st9:40 AM
18576311Marisa StutevilleMarch 29th1:30 PM
18576411Christine BruggmanApril 1st9:50 AM
18576911Marisa StutevilleMarch 29th1:40 PM
18577011Hugo TapiaMarch 30th1:00 PM
18577711Hugo TapiaApril 1st10:40 AM
18577911Linda SmithMarch 299:10 AM
18578311Linda SmithMarch 299:20 AM
18578511Hugo TapiaMarch 30th1:20 PM
18578711Marisa StutevilleMarch 29th11:30 AM
18578811Linda SmithMarch 299:40 AM
18579311Marisa StutevilleMarch 29th12:40 PM
18579411Linda SmithMarch 299:50 AM
18579911Marisa StutevilleMarch 29th10:50 AM
18580111Marisa StutevilleMarch 29th11:00 AM
18580511Linda SmithMarch 2910:50 AM
18580811Linda SmithMarch 2911:10 AM
18581011Linda SmithMarch 309:10 AM
18581411Christine BruggmanApril 1st10:30 AM
18581811Hugo TapiaMarch 30th2:30 PM
18582111Linda SmithMarch 292:00 PM
18582211Linda SmithMarch 309:20 AM
18582411Thomas TaketaApril 1st12:50 PM
18583411Marisa StutevilleMarch 31th9:20 AM
18583811Hugo TapiaApril 1st10:10 AM
18584111Hugo TapiaApril 1st9:40 AM
18584311Marisa StutevilleMarch 29th9:00 AM
18584511Thomas TaketaApril 1st12:30 PM
18585211Marci PinuelasMarch 31st2:20 PM
18588911Marci PinuelasMarch 31st2:00 PM
18589211Marci PinuelasMarch 31st1:30 PM
18589311Hugo TapiaMarch 31st2:40 PM
18589811Marci PinuelasMarch 31st1:10 PM
18590211Thomas TaketaApril 1st11:20 AM
18590811Marci PinuelasMarch 31st12:30 PM
18590911Marci PinuelasMarch 31st11:30 AM
18591111Marci PinuelasMarch 31st11:20 AM
18591311Marci PinuelasMarch 31st10:50 AM
18591511Marci PinuelasMarch 31st10:40 AM
18591711Marci PinuelasMarch 31st9:40 AM
18592111Marci PinuelasMarch 31st9:20 AM
18593011Marci PinuelasMarch 31st9:00 AM
18593211Marci PinuelasMarch 30th2:10 PM
18593411Marci PinuelasMarch 29th2:00 PM
18594011Marci PinuelasMarch 30th1:30 PM
18594211Marci PinuelasMarch 29th1:10 PM
18594511Marci PinuelasMarch 30th12:40 PM
18594611Thomas TaketaApril 1st10:20 AM
18595811Marisa StutevilleMarch 29th10:30 AM
18596011Hugo TapiaApril 1st9:10 AM
18596511Marci PinuelasMarch 30th2:50 PM
18597111Hugo TapiaMarch 30th10:30 AM
18597411Hugo TapiaMarch 31st2:00 PM
18597511Linda SmithMarch 319:30 AM
18598111Linda SmithMarch 309:40 AM
18598911Marci PinuelasMarch 30th10:40 AM
18599111Marci PinuelasMarch 29th10:20 AM
18599311Hugo TapiaMarch 31st12:30 PM
18599411Thomas TaketaApril 1st9:30 AM
18599711Linda SmithMarch 3010:30 AM
18599911Linda SmithMarch 3010:50 AM
18600411Linda SmithMarch 3012:40 PM
18600511Linda SmithMarch 301:20 PM
18602211Marisa StutevilleMarch 31th1:00 PM
18602911Marci PinuelasMarch 30th9:00 AM
18603111Marci PinuelasMarch 29th2:40 PM
18603211Thomas TaketaApril 1st9:10 AM
18605211Marci PinuelasMarch 29th2:30 PM
18605311Marci PinuelasMarch 29th2:20 PM
18606211Marci PinuelasMarch 29th2:00 PM
18606311Hugo TapiaMarch 31st11:30 AM
18606411Marci PinuelasMarch 29th1:30 PM
18606611Marisa StutevilleMarch 29th10:10 AM
18609711Marci PinuelasMarch 29th2:10 PM
18610911Hugo TapiaMarch 30th2:50 PM
18614811Marisa StutevilleMarch 29th11:10 AM
18615211Marci PinuelasMarch 29th9:30 AM
18619811Marci PinuelasMarch 29th12:30 PM
18621711Christine BruggmanMarch 31st1:30 PM
18622011Marci PinuelasMarch 30th11:20 AM
18628311Marci PinuelasMarch 31st2:30 PM
18631111Hugo TapiaMarch 30th1:40 PM
18632811Marci PinuelasMarch 30th11:30 AM
18633511Linda SmithMarch 2911:30 AM
18633611Marci PinuelasMarch 30th9:20 AM
18634511Hugo TapiaApril 1st9:30 AM
18635911Thomas TaketaMarch 30th9:30 AM
18640811Hugo TapiaMarch 31st9:20 AM
18641011Thomas TaketaMarch 30th12:50 PM
18641111Marci PinuelasMarch 30th11:10 AM
18648411Christine BruggmanMarch 30th10:40 AM
18651711Linda SmithMarch 301:30 PM
18652711Marci PinuelasMarch 30th1:00 PM
18654011Christine BruggmanMarch 29th11:00 AM
18655311Linda SmithMarch 319:00 AM
18658211Christine BruggmanMarch 31st12:50 PM
18658611Thomas TaketaMarch 29th1:10 PM
18659911Thomas TaketaMarch 29th2:50 PM
18661511Christine BruggmanMarch 30th12:50 PM
18661811Christine BruggmanMarch 30th11:00 AM
18666511Linda SmithMarch 2912:40 PM
18669511Christine BruggmanMarch 31st2:00 PM
18673911Marisa StutevilleMarch 29th10:40 AM
18675311Hugo TapiaMarch 31st10:20 AM
18676811Linda SmithMarch 319:20 AM
18677311Linda SmithMarch 319:40 AM
18677511Linda SmithMarch 319:50 AM
18677911Linda SmithMarch 3110:20 AM
18681211Linda SmithMarch 3110:10 AM
18683011Hugo TapiaMarch 31st12:40 PM
18684611Linda SmithMarch 3110:30 AM
18686111Linda SmithMarch 3110:40 AM
18687511Linda SmithMarch 3111:10 AM
18689011Linda SmithMarch 3111:20 AM
18689411Linda SmithMarch 3111:30 AM
18689811Linda SmithMarch 3112:30 PM
18690111Linda SmithMarch 3112:40 PM
18692111Linda SmithMarch 311:10 PM
18692511Linda SmithMarch 311:30 PM
18692711Linda SmithMarch 311:40 PM
18692811Linda SmithMarch 312:00 PM
18693911Marci PinuelasMarch 29th11:00 AM
18694011Linda SmithApril 19:20 AM
18694111Linda SmithApril 19:30 AM
18694311Linda SmithApril 19:40 AM
18694411Linda SmithApril 19:50 AM
18695311Thomas TaketaMarch 30th2:00 PM
18695411Marci PinuelasMarch 29th11:00 AM
18695511Hugo TapiaMarch 31st10:40 AM
18695611Thomas TaketaMarch 30th2:10 PM
18695711Thomas TaketaMarch 30th2:20 PM
18695811Hugo TapiaMarch 31st10:50 AM
18696011Christine BruggmanMarch 30th10:30 AM
18696711Marisa StutevilleMarch 31th11:20 AM
18697511Marci PinuelasMarch 31st9:10 AM
18698311Christine BruggmanMarch 30th11:30 AM
18698511Hugo TapiaMarch 31st2:30 PM
18701411Marci PinuelasMarch 31st11:10 AM
18701611Linda SmithMarch 3110:50 AM
18701711Linda SmithMarch 3111:00 AM
18702011Marci PinuelasMarch 29th1:00 PM
18702111Thomas TaketaMarch 30th2:40 PM
18704311Marci PinuelasMarch 29th12:50 PM
18707911Thomas TaketaMarch 29th2:30 PM
18708211Thomas TaketaMarch 30th9:20 AM
18708411Christine BruggmanMarch 29th10:30 AM
18709211Christine BruggmanMarch 30th9:10 AM
18709411Linda SmithMarch 291:20 PM
18709611Christine BruggmanMarch 29th12:40 PM
18709711Marci PinuelasMarch 30th10:50 AM
18715311Hugo TapiaMarch 31st1:00 PM
18715611Marisa StutevilleMarch 30th2:30 PM
18716411Marci PinuelasMarch 29th12:40 PM
18716711Christine BruggmanMarch 30th2:10 PM
18720611Marisa StutevilleMarch 29th9:50 AM
18722811Hugo TapiaMarch 29th2:50 PM
18722911Linda SmithMarch 3011:30 AM
18723111Marisa StutevilleMarch 31th9:10 AM
18723211Christine BruggmanMarch 30th2:20 PM
18723911Christine BruggmanMarch 30th12:30 PM
18733011Linda SmithMarch 309:50 AM
18733911Marci PinuelasMarch 30th10:10 AM
18734511Marci PinuelasMarch 31st1:20 PM
18740411Marisa StutevilleMarch 31th9:00 AM
18744211Thomas TaketaApril 1st11:10 AM
18746311Hugo TapiaApril 1st12:30 PM
18746511Hugo TapiaMarch 30th12:40 PM
18746611Marisa StutevilleMarch 29th12:50 PM
18749211Thomas TaketaMarch 30th11:00 AM
18749711Marisa StutevilleMarch 30th10:10 AM
18750011Marci PinuelasMarch 30th9:50 AM
18752011Linda SmithMarch 291:40 PM
18752111Hugo TapiaMarch 31st9:30 AM
18752211Marci PinuelasMarch 31st10:20 AM
18752511Marisa StutevilleMarch 29th10:20 AM
18755111Linda SmithApril 19:00 AM
18755211Linda SmithApril 19:10 AM
18755611Christine BruggmanMarch 30th1:30 PM
18756111Thomas TaketaApril 2nd9:20 AM
18756211Hugo TapiaApril 1st11:00 AM
18756811Linda SmithMarch 3010:10 AM
18757411Christine BruggmanApril 1st9:20 AM
18757811Thomas TaketaMarch 29th2:20 PM
18757911Marisa StutevilleMarch 31th11:30 AM
18758411Hugo TapiaMarch 31st12:50 PM
18761211Thomas TaketaMarch 30th1:30 PM
18761511Marci PinuelasMarch 30th1:20 PM
18761811Thomas TaketaApril 1st2:00 PM
18765311Christine BruggmanMarch 31st10:10 AM
18765411Linda SmithMarch 309:30 AM
18765511Marisa StutevilleMarch 29th9:40 AM
18765711Hugo TapiaMarch 31st9:40 AM
18768811Thomas TaketaMarch 30th1:20 PM
18769511Hugo TapiaMarch 31st1:20 PM
18770311Marci PinuelasMarch 29th1:40 PM
18770511Thomas TaketaMarch 30th2:50 PM
18773911Marci PinuelasMarch 29th1:10 PM
18774111Marci PinuelasMarch 31st10:10 AM
18775211Hugo TapiaApril 1st9:00 AM
18777711Christine BruggmanMarch 29th1:00 PM
18781511Marisa StutevilleMarch 29th2:40 PM
18782011Thomas TaketaApril 1st11:30 AM
18782411Marci PinuelasMarch 31st1:00 PM
18782511Linda SmithMarch 311:20 PM
18783511Marisa StutevilleMarch 29th9:10 AM
18783711Linda SmithMarch 3012:30 PM
18787311Marci PinuelasMarch 30th9:10 AM
18787411Thomas TaketaApril 1st2:40 PM
18787611Christine BruggmanApril 1st10:20 AM
18789211Hugo TapiaMarch 31st1:40 PM
18791111Marisa StutevilleMarch 31th1:20 PM
18791711Thomas TaketaMarch 30th11:30 AM
18792611Thomas TaketaApril 1st1:40 PM
18792811Marci PinuelasApril 1st9:40 AM
18793611Linda SmithMarch 2912:30 PM
18794311Marci PinuelasMarch 29th12:30 PM
18795111Hugo TapiaMarch 31st9:50 AM
18795311Thomas TaketaApril 1st10:10 AM
18795811Marisa StutevilleMarch 30th9:10 AM
18795911Linda SmithMarch 3011:10 AM
18797811Hugo TapiaMarch 31st11:00 AM
18799011Christine BruggmanMarch 30th1:20 PM
18801011Linda SmithMarch 311:00 PM
18801311Thomas TaketaMarch 30th10:40 AM
18801511Thomas TaketaMarch 30th10:50 AM
18802011Christine BruggmanMarch 31st12:40 PM
18802111Hugo TapiaMarch 31st1:10 PM
18802211Hugo TapiaMarch 31st11:20 AM
18802311Thomas TaketaMarch 29th1:00 PM
18802611Marisa StutevilleMarch 29th9:30 AM
18803511Hugo TapiaMarch 30th2:10 PM
18804711Christine BruggmanMarch 30th9:50 AM
18805111Marisa StutevilleMarch 30th10:40 AM
18805711Hugo TapiaApril 1st11:30 AM
18805811Marisa StutevilleMarch 30th12:30 PM
18806111Christine BruggmanMarch 31st2:30 PM
18807511Thomas TaketaApril 1st9:40 AM
18808111Marci PinuelasMarch 31st9:50 AM
18809311Thomas TaketaApril 1st2:50 PM
18809611Hugo TapiaMarch 31st11:10 AM
18811511Thomas TaketaMarch 30th12:30 PM
18814111Linda SmithMarch 2911:20 AM
18814211Christine BruggmanMarch 30th11:10 AM
18815111Marisa StutevilleMarch 29th2:10 PM
18815411Marci PinuelasApril 1st9:00 AM
18816011Hugo TapiaApril 1st10:20 AM
18816211Marci PinuelasMarch 30th1:40 PM
18819511Thomas TaketaApril 1st9:00 AM
18821711Thomas TaketaApril 1st2:10 PM
18826411Marisa StutevilleMarch 29th1:10 PM
18826511Marisa StutevilleMarch 29th1:20 PM
18827411Christine BruggmanMarch 29th1:10 PM
18827811Thomas TaketaApril 1st10:50 AM
18828411Hugo TapiaMarch 30th1:10 PM
18830111Thomas TaketaApril 1st9:20 AM
18833011Hugo TapiaMarch 31st2:20 PM
18833411Christine BruggmanMarch 31st1:20 PM
18834411Marci PinuelasMarch 31st10:30 AM
18838411Marisa StutevilleMarch 29th1:00 PM
18839811Marci PinuelasMarch 29th2:40 PM
18840611Thomas TaketaMarch 29th2:00 PM
18841711Hugo TapiaMarch 31st10:10 AM
18842311Hugo TapiaMarch 31st1:30 PM
18842511Thomas TaketaApril 1st9:50 AM
18843611Thomas TaketaApril 1st12:40 PM
18843811Thomas TaketaApril 1st1:00 PM
18844211Hugo TapiaMarch 30th2:40 PM
18844311Marisa StutevilleMarch 29th11:20 AM
18844411Linda SmithMarch 291:10 PM
18844511Linda SmithMarch 291:00 PM
18845911Hugo TapiaApril 1st10:30 AM
18846711Christine BruggmanApril 1st10:10 AM
18846811Marisa StutevilleMarch 30th9:20 AM
18847011Thomas TaketaApril 1st11:00 AM
18848111Christine BruggmanMarch 30th2:40 PM
18848511Marisa StutevilleMarch 30th11:20 AM
18848711Christine BruggmanMarch 30th2:50 PM
18850611Marisa StutevilleMarch 30th11:00 AM
18850911Hugo TapiaApril 1st2:00 PM
18851811Marci PinuelasMarch 29th11:30 AM
18852311Christine BruggmanApril 1st9:00 AM
18853611Linda SmithMarch 2912:50 PM
18853711Thomas TaketaMarch 30th2:30 PM
18854111Hugo TapiaMarch 30th10:50 AM
18856711Thomas TaketaApril 1st1:20 PM
18858011Hugo TapiaApril 1st12:40 PM
18865911Linda SmithMarch 3010:20 AM
18868311Thomas TaketaApril 1st10:30 AM
18869611Christine BruggmanMarch 31st11:20 AM
18875311Christine BruggmanMarch 29th9:40 AM
18877511Thomas TaketaMarch 30th11:20 AM
18878511Christine BruggmanMarch 30th2:30 PM
18884811Hugo TapiaMarch 30th2:20 PM
18890811Marisa StutevilleMarch 31th11:00 AM
18892011Hugo TapiaMarch 31st2:50 PM
18892111Christine BruggmanMarch 29th1:30 PM
18893311Christine BruggmanMarch 29th2:50 PM
18895711Christine BruggmanMarch 31st1:00 PM
18896511Marci PinuelasMarch 30th2:30 PM
18897311Thomas TaketaMarch 30th1:40 PM
18897811Thomas TaketaMarch 30th1:00 PM
18904611Christine BruggmanMarch 29th9:50 AM
18909411Hugo TapiaApril 1st9:50 AM
18926511Christine BruggmanMarch 30th11:20 AM
18938711Hugo TapiaMarch 30th11:00 AM
18940011Christine BruggmanMarch 29th2:30 PM
18941011Hugo TapiaMarch 30th9:40 AM
18941111Hugo TapiaMarch 30th9:30 AM
18949011Hugo TapiaMarch 31st9:00 AM
18962411Thomas TaketaMarch 29th12:50 PM
19319311Linda SmithMarch 2910:10 AM
19325211Linda SmithMarch 3012:50 PM
19362011Marci PinuelasMarch 29th2:50 PM
19362411Marci PinuelasMarch 29th1:20 PM
19369811Linda SmithMarch 2910:20 AM
19371611Christine BruggmanMarch 29th2:10 PM
19372711Marci PinuelasMarch 29th11:20 AM
19389911Hugo TapiaMarch 30th10:10 AM
19399511Linda SmithMarch 3010:40 AM
19446111Marci PinuelasMarch 30th12:50 PM
19447811Marci PinuelasMarch 31st12:50 PM
19452411Hugo TapiaMarch 31st2:10 PM
19457911Marisa StutevilleMarch 30th10:30 AM
19460511Thomas TaketaMarch 30th10:30 AM
19462211Marisa StutevilleMarch 30th12:40 PM
19570911Marci PinuelasMarch 30th2:20 PM
19958011Christine BruggmanMarch 31st11:00 AM
19966911Hugo TapiaMarch 31st9:10 AM
19977911Christine BruggmanMarch 29th10:50 AM
19978211Linda SmithMarch 2910:30 AM
19987811Hugo TapiaMarch 30th1:30 PM
19999211Christine BruggmanMarch 29th1:40 PM
20045011Christine BruggmanMarch 29th10:10 AM
20065011Hugo TapiaMarch 30th12:50 PM
20065511Marci PinuelasMarch 31st2:10 PM
20065911Marisa StutevilleMarch 29th9:20 AM
20066511Marisa StutevilleMarch 30th10:20 AM
20127911Thomas TaketaMarch 30th9:10 AM