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Adolfo Camarillo High School

EST. 1956

Current 9th Grade Registration

Registration for the 2021-2022 School Year.

The registration window for all students is open March 9 to April 16. Registration consists of the following 6 steps.

STEP 1: Orientation Video

Watch your Counselor Orientation Video.

STEP 2: StudentVue Course Request Video

Watch the StudentVue Course Request Video. (Instructions on how to choose courses in StudentVue.)

STEP 3: Click Links for More Information

View links provided to be knowledgeable in the following areas:

For additional information about our High School and A-G Requirements, please go to

For additional information about Course Sequences by Department, please click the links below.

For additional information about programs available at ACHS, please click the links below.

For additional information about courses that are offered at ACHS, please go to

STEP 4: Next Year's Course Selection Form

View your next grade level Course Selection Form as a visual to choose classes available to you.

STEP 5: StudentVue Login

Login to StudentVue and choose courses. Some students will be able to see teacher recommendations if applicable.

STEP 6: Counselor Virtual Appointment

Check the Date/Time of your counselor virtual appointment. Click your counselor’s name under the Zoom links on the Date/Time of your virtual appointment. Students will have a 10 minute session to meet with their counselor virtually via Zoom. Students must log in on time. If a student does not show up to their set session, their counselors will choose courses on their behalf. We will not have any make ups. Students must choose classes in StudentVue prior to their counselor appointment and be prepared with any questions they may have.  At your session you will finalize any last-minute changes. Parents are welcome to attend the virtual session.

Counselor Zoom Links

Registration Schedule

Student IDGradeCounselorDateTime
7269Marci PinuelasMarch 18th11:20 AM
8059Christine BruggmanMarch 16th2:40 PM
8069Christine BruggmanMarch 17th1:00 PM
8079Christine BruggmanMarch 17th1:40 PM
8089Christine BruggmanMarch 17th2:00 PM
8109Hugo TapiaMarch 16th1:20 PM
8159Christine BruggmanMarch 18th12:50 PM
8179Linda SmithMarch 151:20 PM
8299Linda SmithMarch 171:10 PM
8309Linda SmithMarch 171:20 PM
8319Linda SmithMarch 171:30 PM
8339Marci PinuelasMarch 16th11:00 AM
8359Marci PinuelasMarch 17th9:30 AM
8379Marci PinuelasMarch 16th2:30 PM
8389Marci PinuelasMarch 17th9:10 AM
8409Marci PinuelasMarch 18th1:00 PM
8419Marci PinuelasMarch 18th1:20 PM
8449Marisa StutevilleMarch 16th2:40 PM
8559Marisa StutevilleMarch 18th1:40 PM
8569Marisa StutevilleMarch 18th2:10 PM
8579Marisa StutevilleMarch 18th2:40 PM
8609Thomas TaketaMarch 19th10:20 AM
9639Marisa StutevilleMarch 16th12:40 PM
9659Marci PinuelasMarch 17th10:10 AM
1580129Marci PinuelasMarch 16th9:00 AM
1632409Thomas TaketaMarch 16th10:30 AM
1639779Marisa StutevilleMarch 17th1:30 PM
1640239Christine BruggmanMarch 18th10:10 AM
1667149Christine BruggmanMarch 17th9:50 AM
1887739Linda SmithMarch 159:40 AM
1903659Marisa StutevilleMarch 17th1:00 PM
1908269Marci PinuelasMarch 18th2:20 PM
1932149Linda SmithMarch 1711:30 AM
1933459Marci PinuelasMarch 17th2:20 PM
1936579Marisa StutevilleMarch 16th2:20 PM
1946799Christine BruggmanMarch 16th11:00 AM
1947409Thomas TaketaMarch 17th9:10 AM
1947419Marisa StutevilleMarch 17th9:30 AM
1947439Linda SmithMarch 152:10 PM
1947449Hugo TapiaMarch 18th2:00 PM
1947459Hugo TapiaMarch 19th10:00 AM
1947469Hugo TapiaMarch 18th1:40 PM
1947479Linda SmithMarch 1612:30 PM
1947489Linda SmithMarch 1511:10 AM
1947499Marci PinuelasMarch 19th10:00 AM
1947509Marisa StutevilleMarch 19th9:30 AM
1947519Linda SmithMarch 169:10 AM
1947529Christine BruggmanMarch 16th9:40 AM
1947539Christine BruggmanMarch 18th10:20 AM
1947549Linda SmithMarch 179:50 AM
1947559Hugo TapiaMarch 16th9:50 AM
1947569Christine BruggmanMarch 16th1:00 PM
1947579Marisa StutevilleMarch 18th12:50 PM
1947589Marisa StutevilleMarch 16th12:30 PM
1947599Marci PinuelasMarch 17th2:50 PM
1947609Thomas TaketaMarch 17th1:00 PM
1947619Linda SmithMarch 179:40 AM
1947629Hugo TapiaMarch 17th2:50 PM
1947639Marci PinuelasMarch 16th1:00 PM
1947649Marci PinuelasMarch 18th10:50 AM
1947679Linda SmithMarch 1711:00 AM
1947689Thomas TaketaMarch 16th1:00 PM
1947699Marci PinuelasMarch 16th1:20 PM
1947719Marisa StutevilleMarch 16th9:50 AM
1947729Marisa StutevilleMarch 17th11:30 AM
1947739Marci PinuelasMarch 16th10:20 AM
1947749Hugo TapiaMarch 16th9:40 AM
1947759Hugo TapiaMarch 16th11:30 AM
1947769Linda SmithMarch 1511:20 AM
1947779Marci PinuelasMarch 16th2:40 PM
1947789Thomas TaketaMarch 17th11:20 AM
1947799Thomas TaketaMarch 16th9:00 AM
1947809Christine BruggmanMarch 16th2:30 PM
1947829Linda SmithMarch 1712:30 PM
1947839Christine BruggmanMarch 18th11:30 AM
1947849Marisa StutevilleMarch 18th10:40 AM
1947859Christine BruggmanMarch 18th11:20 AM
1947889Marisa StutevilleMarch 16th12:50 PM
1947909Marisa StutevilleMarch 17th12:50 PM
1947919Linda SmithMarch 1611:10 AM
1948269Marisa StutevilleMarch 19th10:00 AM
1948279Thomas TaketaMarch 17th1:20 PM
1948289Thomas TaketaMarch 17th2:30 PM
1948299Christine BruggmanMarch 17th9:20 AM
1948309Christine BruggmanMarch 17th9:30 AM
1948319Linda SmithMarch 1510:50 AM
1948329Marci PinuelasMarch 18th11:00 AM
1948339Marci PinuelasMarch 17th10:50 AM
1948349Marisa StutevilleMarch 17th10:40 AM
1948359Hugo TapiaMarch 17th10:50 AM
1948519Hugo TapiaMarch 16th11:20 AM
1948529Hugo TapiaMarch 18th2:40 PM
1948539Linda SmithMarch 1612:40 PM
1948549Christine BruggmanMarch 18th9:20 AM
1948559Linda SmithMarch 169:00 AM
1948569Linda SmithMarch 159:10 AM
1948579Linda SmithMarch 1511:00 AM
1948589Marisa StutevilleMarch 18th9:00 AM
1948599Linda SmithMarch 161:20 PM
1948609Linda SmithMarch 161:40 PM
1948619Linda SmithMarch 171:00 PM
1948629Marci PinuelasMarch 18th11:10 AM
1948639Marisa StutevilleMarch 18th1:30 PM
1948689Marci PinuelasMarch 19th9:40 AM
1948699Thomas TaketaMarch 16th2:10 PM
1948709Marisa StutevilleMarch 17th10:30 AM
1948719Hugo TapiaMarch 18th9:10 AM
1949059Hugo TapiaMarch 17th9:30 AM
1949159Thomas TaketaMarch 18th9:50 AM
1949169Hugo TapiaMarch 17th12:40 PM
1949179Hugo TapiaMarch 17th1:10 PM
1949189Marci PinuelasMarch 17th10:20 AM
1949199Hugo TapiaMarch 17th9:00 AM
1949209Marci PinuelasMarch 18th9:50 AM
1949229Marci PinuelasMarch 18th1:40 PM
1949239Thomas TaketaMarch 18th1:30 PM
1949249Marci PinuelasMarch 19th9:30 AM
1949269Hugo TapiaMarch 18th10:40 AM
1949279Marisa StutevilleMarch 16th1:40 PM
1949289Marisa StutevilleMarch 16th2:10 PM
1949309Hugo TapiaMarch 19th10:20 AM
1949319Hugo TapiaMarch 19th10:30 AM
1949329Marisa StutevilleMarch 18th9:10 AM
1949339Hugo TapiaMarch 19th11:00 AM
1949369Marisa StutevilleMarch 18th9:50 AM
1949389Marisa StutevilleMarch 18th11:00 AM
1949399Marisa StutevilleMarch 18th12:40 PM
1949529Hugo TapiaMarch 16th9:30 AM
1949549Thomas TaketaMarch 16th11:00 AM
1949579Thomas TaketaMarch 16th11:30 AM
1949599Christine BruggmanMarch 18th11:10 AM
1949689Marci PinuelasMarch 18th2:30 PM
1949949Christine BruggmanMarch 18th1:00 PM
1949959Thomas TaketaMarch 17th9:40 AM
1949969Hugo TapiaMarch 16th2:10 PM
1949979Thomas TaketaMarch 17th11:30 AM
1949999Linda SmithMarch 151:30 PM
1950009Linda SmithMarch 169:30 AM
1950019Thomas TaketaMarch 17th2:00 PM
1950029Linda SmithMarch 1711:10 AM
1950039Linda SmithMarch 1711:20 AM
1950059Hugo TapiaMarch 17th11:00 AM
1950069Hugo TapiaMarch 17th11:10 AM
1950079Marisa StutevilleMarch 19th9:40 AM
1950089Thomas TaketaMarch 16th9:10 AM
1950099Hugo TapiaMarch 16th1:40 PM
1950109Hugo TapiaMarch 19th11:40 AM
1950189Hugo TapiaMarch 16th2:20 PM
1950219Christine BruggmanMarch 16th9:20 AM
1950229Hugo TapiaMarch 17th2:00 PM
1950239Linda SmithMarch 1712:40 PM
1950259Christine BruggmanMarch 16th12:40 PM
1950419Hugo TapiaMarch 16th1:30 PM
1950549Marci PinuelasMarch 16th1:30 PM
1950559Marisa StutevilleMarch 17th11:20 AM
1950699Christine BruggmanMarch 17th12:40 PM
1950709Christine BruggmanMarch 17th10:50 AM
1950729Marci PinuelasMarch 16th12:50 PM
1950739Marci PinuelasMarch 17th12:30 PM
1950749Christine BruggmanMarch 17th12:30 PM
1950769Christine BruggmanMarch 17th10:10 AM
1950779Hugo TapiaMarch 16th12:40 PM
1950829Hugo TapiaMarch 18th1:30 PM
1950859Hugo TapiaMarch 17th2:40 PM
1950879Marisa StutevilleMarch 17th11:00 AM
1950899Marisa StutevilleMarch 17th11:10 AM
1950909Linda SmithMarch 1611:30 AM
1950919Linda SmithMarch 161:00 PM
1951169Hugo TapiaMarch 19th12:00
1951219Linda SmithMarch 152:00 PM
1951489Thomas TaketaMarch 17th2:50 PM
1951499Marci PinuelasMarch 17th9:00 AM
1951509Linda SmithMarch 1610:50 AM
1951969Christine BruggmanMarch 17th10:30 AM
1951989Marisa StutevilleMarch 16th11:20 AM
1952109Hugo TapiaMarch 18th2:20 PM
1952129Hugo TapiaMarch 16th11:10 AM
1952239Marci PinuelasMarch 18th10:40 AM
1952589Marisa StutevilleMarch 16th9:10 AM
1952739Hugo TapiaMarch 18th12:40 PM
1952769Hugo TapiaMarch 18th9:40 AM
1952799Marisa StutevilleMarch 18th1:10 PM
1952809Marisa StutevilleMarch 16th9:30 AM
1952899Hugo TapiaMarch 18th11:30 AM
1953119Marci PinuelasMarch 16th9:10 AM
1953149Thomas TaketaMarch 18th12:30 PM
1953209Linda SmithMarch 162:30 PM
1953219Christine BruggmanMarch 17th1:30 PM
1953229Marci PinuelasMarch 16th9:30 AM
1953239Marisa StutevilleMarch 19th10:20 AM
1953249Linda SmithMarch 1611:00 AM
1953379Hugo TapiaMarch 17th1:00 PM
1953389Marisa StutevilleMarch 17th9:20 AM
1953399Marci PinuelasMarch 17th10:30 AM
1953849Linda SmithMarch 151:40 PM
1953869Hugo TapiaMarch 16th11:00 AM
1953899Thomas TaketaMarch 16th12:50 PM
1953959Hugo TapiaMarch 17th10:20 AM
1953989Christine BruggmanMarch 16th10:30 AM
1954019Marci PinuelasMarch 16th10:50 AM
1954099Marisa StutevilleMarch 16th9:40 AM
1954149Thomas TaketaMarch 19th9:50 AM
1954349Marci PinuelasMarch 19th9:50 AM
1954519Thomas TaketaMarch 17th9:00 AM
1954529Hugo TapiaMarch 16th10:40 AM
1954629Thomas TaketaMarch 19th11:30 AM
1954719Hugo TapiaMarch 16th12:50 PM
1955259Marci PinuelasMarch 18th10:30 AM
1955269Hugo TapiaMarch 16th10:30 AM
1955289Thomas TaketaMarch 17th1:40 PM
1955299Christine BruggmanMarch 18th11:00 AM
1957459Marisa StutevilleMarch 17th9:40 AM
1957469Marisa StutevilleMarch 17th9:50 AM
1957479Linda SmithMarch 162:10 PM
1957489Marisa StutevilleMarch 18th12:30 PM
1957499Christine BruggmanMarch 17th1:10 PM
1957509Marisa StutevilleMarch 17th9:00 AM
1957519Marisa StutevilleMarch 16th10:10 AM
1957529Marci PinuelasMarch 17th9:40 AM
1957689Hugo TapiaMarch 17th9:40 AM
1958789Thomas TaketaMarch 17th10:10 AM
1959639Linda SmithMarch 159:30 AM
1959669Thomas TaketaMarch 16th9:30 AM
1959689Marci PinuelasMarch 16th1:10 PM
1959749Marci PinuelasMarch 19th10:20 AM
1959759Linda SmithMarch 1611:20 AM
1959819Marci PinuelasMarch 16th9:40 AM
1959829Linda SmithMarch 1512:50 PM
1959849Hugo TapiaMarch 16th9:00 AM
1959879Hugo TapiaMarch 19th11:30 AM
1959889Linda SmithMarch 179:10 AM
1959919Christine BruggmanMarch 18th9:50 AM
1960129Hugo TapiaMarch 18th10:20 AM
1961179Thomas TaketaMarch 16th12:30 PM
1961189Marci PinuelasMarch 17th9:50 AM
1961259Hugo TapiaMarch 18th11:10 AM
1961319Hugo TapiaMarch 16th10:20 AM
1961329Hugo TapiaMarch 16th2:00 PM
1961349Marisa StutevilleMarch 18th9:40 AM
1961389Christine BruggmanMarch 17th2:40 PM
1961629Hugo TapiaMarch 18th10:10 AM
1961809Hugo TapiaMarch 18th10:50 AM
1961829Christine BruggmanMarch 16th1:20 PM
1961849Marisa StutevilleMarch 16th2:50 PM
1961879Linda SmithMarch 1510:10 AM
1961889Marci PinuelasMarch 17th1:10 PM
1961899Marci PinuelasMarch 17th1:20 PM
1961909Hugo TapiaMarch 17th1:40 PM
1961919Marci PinuelasMarch 18th2:00 PM
1961929Thomas TaketaMarch 16th1:40 PM
1961939Marisa StutevilleMarch 16th10:30 AM
1961949Linda SmithMarch 1710:20 AM
1962259Hugo TapiaMarch 18th11:00 AM
1962269Marisa StutevilleMarch 18th10:10 AM
1962279Marisa StutevilleMarch 18th10:20 AM
1962299Marisa StutevilleMarch 18th9:30 AM
1962659Thomas TaketaMarch 16th2:50 PM
1962909Christine BruggmanMarch 17th2:30 PM
1962919Christine BruggmanMarch 17th2:20 PM
1962959Linda SmithMarch 1612:50 PM
1962999Christine BruggmanMarch 16th12:30 PM
1963009Marci PinuelasMarch 18th9:40 AM
1963039Christine BruggmanMarch 16th1:10 PM
1963119Marisa StutevilleMarch 19th9:50 AM
1963209Marci PinuelasMarch 17th11:20 AM
1963379Marci PinuelasMarch 16th2:00 PM
1963389Hugo TapiaMarch 17th11:20 AM
1963399Hugo TapiaMarch 16th2:40 PM
1963409Hugo TapiaMarch 18th11:20 AM
1963419Hugo TapiaMarch 19th9:50 AM
1963439Marci PinuelasMarch 17th2:10 PM
1963459Christine BruggmanMarch 17th11:00 AM
1963469Marisa StutevilleMarch 18th11:10 AM
1964209Christine BruggmanMarch 17th12:50 PM
1964229Linda SmithMarch 169:20 AM
1964239Marci PinuelasMarch 18th10:20 AM
1964249Marisa StutevilleMarch 16th1:00 PM
1964259Thomas TaketaMarch 18th1:40 PM
1964269Christine BruggmanMarch 18th1:40 PM
1964279Marisa StutevilleMarch 17th1:40 PM
1964289Hugo TapiaMarch 19th10:40 AM
1964299Marisa StutevilleMarch 17th2:00 PM
1964309Marci PinuelasMarch 17th11:10 AM
1964439Marci PinuelasMarch 19th10:30 AM
1964449Thomas TaketaMarch 18th11:10 AM
1964459Hugo TapiaMarch 19th9:30 AM
1964479Linda SmithMarch 179:20 AM
1964489Marisa StutevilleMarch 18th10:30 AM
1964499Christine BruggmanMarch 16th10:40 AM
1964519Thomas TaketaMarch 16th10:50 AM
1964529Linda SmithMarch 1510:30 AM
1964549Marci PinuelasMarch 17th2:30 PM
1964569Thomas TaketaMarch 16th11:20 AM
1964579Marci PinuelasMarch 18th9:30 AM
1964589Christine BruggmanMarch 16th10:10 AM
1964769Marci PinuelasMarch 18th12:50 PM
1964809Linda SmithMarch 1712:50 PM
1964829Linda SmithMarch 161:10 PM
1964839Marci PinuelasMarch 17th11:30 AM
1965589Marisa StutevilleMarch 16th2:00 PM
1965729Linda SmithMarch 1710:50 AM
1965759Marisa StutevilleMarch 16th10:50 AM
1965779Hugo TapiaMarch 16th9:10 AM
1965809Hugo TapiaMarch 17th12:30 PM
1965829Christine BruggmanMarch 18th1:20 PM
1965989Christine BruggmanMarch 16th2:50 PM
1966109Marisa StutevilleMarch 16th10:20 AM
1966119Marisa StutevilleMarch 17th9:10 AM
1966129Christine BruggmanMarch 16th9:50 AM
1966149Hugo TapiaMarch 18th2:30 PM
1966229Marci PinuelasMarch 18th9:00 AM
1966239Marci PinuelasMarch 16th9:50 AM
1966269Marci PinuelasMarch 17th9:20 AM
1966289Hugo TapiaMarch 17th10:40 AM
1966299Marci PinuelasMarch 16th2:10 PM
1966309Linda SmithMarch 152:40 PM
1966319Marisa StutevilleMarch 16th11:00 AM
1966339Hugo TapiaMarch 16th10:50 AM
1966359Marci PinuelasMarch 17th10:40 AM
1966499Linda SmithMarch 162:00 PM
1966509Marisa StutevilleMarch 18th2:50 PM
1966519Thomas TaketaMarch 17th9:50 AM
1966539Marci PinuelasMarch 18th12:40 PM
1966569Marci PinuelasMarch 17th2:00 PM
1966579Thomas TaketaMarch 16th11:10 AM
1966599Christine BruggmanMarch 18th1:10 PM
1966939Thomas TaketaMarch 17th1:10 PM
1966949Hugo TapiaMarch 19th11:20 AM
1966959Marci PinuelasMarch 16th2:50 PM
1966969Linda SmithMarch 1610:40 AM
1966979Thomas TaketaMarch 18th9:30 AM
1966989Christine BruggmanMarch 18th9:00 AM
1966999Marci PinuelasMarch 17th2:40 PM
1967009Hugo TapiaMarch 17th9:20 AM
1967029Christine BruggmanMarch 18th10:30 AM
1967049Thomas TaketaMarch 17th2:20 PM
1967059Linda SmithMarch 169:40 AM
1967069Hugo TapiaMarch 17th9:00 AM
1967089Linda SmithMarch 1610:20 AM
1967229Thomas TaketaMarch 18th1:10 PM
1967549Hugo TapiaMarch 17th11:30 AM
1967559Thomas TaketaMarch 18th11:30 AM
1967579Christine BruggmanMarch 17th2:50 PM
1967909Marci PinuelasMarch 17th12:50 PM
1967919Linda SmithMarch 1512:30 PM
1967929Linda SmithMarch 1510:20 AM
1967939Christine BruggmanMarch 16th11:30 AM
1967949Thomas TaketaMarch 18th9:20 AM
1967969Thomas TaketaMarch 18th11:00 AM
1969749Thomas TaketaMarch 16th9:20 AM
1969769Hugo TapiaMarch 16th1:10 PM
1969789Christine BruggmanMarch 18th9:40 AM
1969799Linda SmithMarch 151:00 PM
1969809Christine BruggmanMarch 16th9:00 AM
1969819Christine BruggmanMarch 16th9:10 AM
1969839Christine BruggmanMarch 18th10:50 AM
1969849Marisa StutevilleMarch 17th2:30 PM
1970589Christine BruggmanMarch 17th9:40 AM
1970729Thomas TaketaMarch 16th2:20 PM
1973269Marci PinuelasMarch 16th10:40 AM
1973279Thomas TaketaMarch 18th10:40 AM
1973289Marisa StutevilleMarch 17th1:20 PM
1973769Thomas TaketaMarch 18th9:00 AM
1973799Thomas TaketaMarch 19th10:00 AM
1973849Thomas TaketaMarch 19th10:40 AM
1974229Christine BruggmanMarch 18th12:30 PM
1974269Christine BruggmanMarch 18th10:40 AM
1974649Christine BruggmanMarch 17th9:10 AM
1974659Linda SmithMarch 162:40 PM
1974669Linda SmithMarch 162:50 PM
1974749Marci PinuelasMarch 19th11:00 AM
1975039Hugo TapiaMarch 17th9:50 AM
1975949Thomas TaketaMarch 19th11:20 AM
1976019Thomas TaketaMarch 17th11:10 AM
1976029Linda SmithMarch 151:10 PM
1976229Thomas TaketaMarch 18th12:50 PM
1976239Marisa StutevilleMarch 16th11:10 AM
1977499Thomas TaketaMarch 17th9:20 AM
1977509Hugo TapiaMarch 17th1:20 PM
1977519Thomas TaketaMarch 17th9:30 AM
1977549Marci PinuelasMarch 17th1:00 PM
1977569Linda SmithMarch 161:30 PM
1978419Marisa StutevilleMarch 17th12:30 PM
1978439Christine BruggmanMarch 16th1:40 PM
1978449Christine BruggmanMarch 16th1:30 PM
1978459Marisa StutevilleMarch 18th11:20 AM
1978469Marci PinuelasMarch 18th11:30 AM
1978479Marisa StutevilleMarch 17th10:20 AM
1978489Marisa StutevilleMarch 17th10:50 AM
1978499Hugo TapiaMarch 16th9:20 AM
1978519Thomas TaketaMarch 16th2:40 PM
1978539Thomas TaketaMarch 18th10:10 AM
1978549Marci PinuelasMarch 17th1:30 PM
1978559Marci PinuelasMarch 16th1:40 PM
1978569Marci PinuelasMarch 16th10:30 AM
1978579Linda SmithMarch 179:00 AM
1978589Linda SmithMarch 1710:40 AM
1978609Marisa StutevilleMarch 18th1:00 PM
1978619Marisa StutevilleMarch 16th9:20 AM
1978629Marci PinuelasMarch 18th1:30 PM
1978689Christine BruggmanMarch 17th11:20 AM
1978709Marci PinuelasMarch 19th10:40 AM
1978719Marisa StutevilleMarch 18th2:20 PM
1978729Christine BruggmanMarch 16th10:50 AM
1978749Linda SmithMarch 159:00 AM
1978769Linda SmithMarch 1610:30 AM
1978789Thomas TaketaMarch 18th2:30 PM
1978799Marci PinuelasMarch 16th12:30 PM
1978809Christine BruggmanMarch 16th12:50 PM
1978819Marisa StutevilleMarch 18th2:30 PM
1978849Thomas TaketaMarch 18th9:40 AM
1978859Thomas TaketaMarch 18th1:20 PM
1978869Hugo TapiaMarch 19th11:10 AM
1978879Marci PinuelasMarch 18th2:50 PM
1978889Hugo TapiaMarch 19th9:40 AM
1978899Christine BruggmanMarch 18th12:40 PM
1980299Thomas TaketaMarch 17th12:40 PM
1980759Hugo TapiaMarch 16th10:10 AM
1980809Christine BruggmanMarch 17th2:10 PM
1980889Marci PinuelasMarch 16th9:20 AM
1981259Thomas TaketaMarch 19th11:00 AM
1981279Linda SmithMarch 1512:40 PM
1982029Thomas TaketaMarch 18th10:30 AM
1983489Thomas TaketaMarch 17th10:40 AM
1983549Marisa StutevilleMarch 16th11:30 AM
1983559Christine BruggmanMarch 16th2:00 PM
1984329Thomas TaketaMarch 18th2:50 PM
1985039Thomas TaketaMarch 18th2:00 PM
1985089Thomas TaketaMarch 19th9:40 AM
1986099Marci PinuelasMarch 19th11:10 AM
1986589Hugo TapiaMarch 18th9:30 AM
1987219Thomas TaketaMarch 16th9:50 AM
1988209Thomas TaketaMarch 18th1:00 PM
1988529Thomas TaketaMarch 18th2:20 PM
1989129Marci PinuelasMarch 16th10:10 AM
1989309Marci PinuelasMarch 18th1:10 PM
1989429Thomas TaketaMarch 18th10:20 AM
1989579Thomas TaketaMarch 19th11:40 AM
1989969Thomas TaketaMarch 19th10:10 AM
1989999Hugo TapiaMarch 18th12:50 PM
1990059Christine BruggmanMarch 17th11:10 AM
1990489Thomas TaketaMarch 16th10:10 AM
1990549Marisa StutevilleMarch 17th2:10 PM
1991329Marci PinuelasMarch 18th9:10 AM
1991339Marci PinuelasMarch 18th9:20 AM
1991559Thomas TaketaMarch 17th1:30 PM
1991609Marisa StutevilleMarch 19th10:10 AM
1991729Thomas TaketaMarch 17th10:20 AM
1992009Thomas TaketaMarch 18th10:50 AM
1992119Christine BruggmanMarch 16th11:20 AM
1992129Thomas TaketaMarch 17th10:50 AM
1992279Thomas TaketaMarch 16th1:30 PM
1992459Linda SmithMarch 152:20 PM
1992509Hugo TapiaMarch 17th9:10 AM
1993169Marisa StutevilleMarch 16th2:30 PM
1993339Linda SmithMarch 159:20 AM
1993349Linda SmithMarch 152:50 PM
1993379Marci PinuelasMarch 17th11:00 AM
1993389Hugo TapiaMarch 17th10:10 AM
1993399Linda SmithMarch 179:30 AM
1993409Thomas TaketaMarch 19th11:10 AM
1993419Marci PinuelasMarch 18th2:40 PM
1993429Thomas TaketaMarch 17th12:50 PM
1993439Marisa StutevilleMarch 16th1:30 PM
1993449Christine BruggmanMarch 16th2:20 PM
1993459Christine BruggmanMarch 18th9:30 AM
1993479Marisa StutevilleMarch 17th2:20 PM
1993489Marci PinuelasMarch 16th12:40 PM
1993519Thomas TaketaMarch 19th9:30 AM
1993529Marci PinuelasMarch 17th12:40 PM
1993579Christine BruggmanMarch 17th10:40 AM
1993589Thomas TaketaMarch 16th1:20 PM
1993869Marisa StutevilleMarch 18th10:50 AM
1993879Marci PinuelasMarch 18th10:10 AM
1994329Christine BruggmanMarch 18th9:10 AM
1994369Thomas TaketaMarch 16th12:40 PM
1994509Linda SmithMarch 1710:10 AM
1994589Christine BruggmanMarch 16th9:30 AM
1994779Christine BruggmanMarch 17th10:20 AM
1994909Thomas TaketaMarch 16th9:40 AM
1994969Marci PinuelasMarch 19th10:10 AM
1995079Christine BruggmanMarch 16th11:10 AM
1995229Marisa StutevilleMarch 16th10:40 AM
1995249Thomas TaketaMarch 17th2:10 PM
1995259Marci PinuelasMarch 16th2:20 PM
1995269Hugo TapiaMarch 18th9:20 AM
1995359Thomas TaketaMarch 17th12:30 PM
1995439Thomas TaketaMarch 17th10:30 AM
1995469Marisa StutevilleMarch 18th2:00 PM
1995489Hugo TapiaMarch 16th12:30 PM
1995499Thomas TaketaMarch 16th2:00 PM
1995649Hugo TapiaMarch 18th1:20 PM
1995999Linda SmithMarch 1610:10 AM
1996069Marci PinuelasMarch 16th11:10 AM
1996099Christine BruggmanMarch 17th11:30 AM
1996389Linda SmithMarch 152:30 PM
1996709Thomas TaketaMarch 16th10:40 AM
1997089Hugo TapiaMarch 18th2:50 PM
1997419Thomas TaketaMarch 18th2:10 PM
1997629Hugo TapiaMarch 16th2:50 PM
1997709Linda SmithMarch 1511:30 AM
1997779Hugo TapiaMarch 16th1:00 PM
1998879Linda SmithMarch 1710:30 AM
1999059Christine BruggmanMarch 16th10:20 AM
1999329Hugo TapiaMarch 18th12:30 PM
1999489Marci PinuelasMarch 17th1:40 PM
1999569Marci PinuelasMarch 18th12:30 PM
1999849Hugo TapiaMarch 18th9:50 AM
1999899Hugo TapiaMarch 17th2:20 PM
1999909Marci PinuelasMarch 16th11:30 AM
1999919Thomas TaketaMarch 17th11:00 AM
1999999Thomas TaketaMarch 18th12:40 PM
2000019Marisa StutevilleMarch 17th2:40 PM
2000029Linda SmithMarch 159:50 AM
2000039Hugo TapiaMarch 18th10:30 AM
2000049Hugo TapiaMarch 17th2:30 PM
2000229Christine BruggmanMarch 16th2:10 PM
2000329Linda SmithMarch 162:20 PM
2000489Thomas TaketaMarch 16th1:10 PM
2000499Marisa StutevilleMarch 16th9:00 AM
2000569Thomas TaketaMarch 18th9:10 AM
2001329Thomas TaketaMarch 16th10:20 AM
2001369Hugo TapiaMarch 17th12:50 PM
2001389Marisa StutevilleMarch 18th11:30 AM
2001409Marisa StutevilleMarch 16th1:10 PM
2001819Marci PinuelasMarch 16th11:20 AM
2002089Christine BruggmanMarch 17th9:00 AM
2002119Thomas TaketaMarch 17th2:40 PM
2002209Hugo TapiaMarch 18th1:10 PM
2002319Hugo TapiaMarch 19th10:10 AM
2002359Hugo TapiaMarch 17th10:30 AM
2002449Hugo TapiaMarch 17th2:10 PM
2002789Marisa StutevilleMarch 16th1:20 PM
2003009Hugo TapiaMarch 18th1:00 PM
2003359Marisa StutevilleMarch 17th1:10 PM
2003399Christine BruggmanMarch 17th1:20 PM
2003419Linda SmithMarch 169:50 AM
2003539Thomas TaketaMarch 16th2:30 PM
2003969Hugo TapiaMarch 17th1:30 PM
2003979Thomas TaketaMarch 19th10:30 AM
2004029Thomas TaketaMarch 18th2:40 PM
2004039Hugo TapiaMarch 18th2:10 PM
2004669Thomas TaketaMarch 18th11:20 AM
2005049Marisa StutevilleMarch 18th9:20 AM
2005229Marisa StutevilleMarch 19th12:00
2005249Marisa StutevilleMarch 17th2:50 PM
2005329Linda SmithMarch 1510:40 AM
2005529Christine BruggmanMarch 18th1:30 PM
2005809Hugo TapiaMarch 16th2:30 PM
2005889Marisa StutevilleMarch 18th1:20 PM
2006479Marisa StutevilleMarch 17th12:40 PM
2006669Marisa StutevilleMarch 17th10:10 AM
2008009Linda SmithMarch 171:40 PM
2009929Marci PinuelasMarch 18th2:10 PM