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ACHS Weekly Update – January 18, 2019

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Art Department News

Art Department Chair, Abigail Santana, has announced that the ACHS Art Department is holding their “Work In Progress” Art Show at the Camarillo Art Center, 3150 Ponderosa Boulevard (between Temple and Adolfo).  The dates are January 19 – 20 and January 26 – 27, from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm.  There was a reception this Thursday evening where awards were given.  The following students won awards for their outstanding art work:

Best in Show, by Jaylyn Cao


Jaylyn Cao – Best in Show


Grady Liddell – First Place
Noah Jamarillo – Second Place
Sarah Cordova – Third Place


ASB Sponsored Classroom Challenge

Each month our ASB sponsors a  Classroom Video Challenge.  The criteria change each month, as well as the classes involved in the challenge.  For the month of January, all first period classes were encouraged to produce a short video depicting what is great about their class.  Julie Riedmiller’s English 2 class won for this month.  Ms. Riedmiller said, “Together we brainstormed different ideas to display a safe, caring, learning environment in English 2.  The students voted to go with a ‘MTV Cribs’ concept. Three students worked for hours editing, adding music, etc. to produce a depiction of our class.”  Their hard work paid off, and they were excited to win!


Professional Development among Peers

For those ACHS teachers who are thinking of starting the new semester off using Google Classroom, or would like any assistance with the application, our ACHS Geek Squad will be hosting a Google Classroom Learn Stuff session on Monday, January 28, from 11-1 in room D-4.

To find out which members of our Geek Squad can help with the different tech offerings currently sweeping the educational landscape, teachers can see Becky Rockey for the detailed list.




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