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ACHS Weekly Update – February 15, 2019

A school building. There is an inscription on it: Welcome to Adolfo Camarillo High School.

Renaissance Rally

Last Friday during 5th period we held a Renaissance Rally in the Gym.  We honored approximately 178 students who met the criteria of “Improvement and Achievement.”  The theme was “You Sparkle and Shine.”  Honored students met the criteria of improvement and achievement in the following categories:

* Top 20 in each class

* Students who raised their GPA .5 since last quarter

* Most improved attendance

* Intervention Specialist Ms. Young’s category of students

* Mr. Aronsky’s top 5 work study students

* And others

Personalized invitations were sent to the students who qualified. They were in special seating on the gym floor and all performances were directed to them. They had a special ceremony after the rally where they received their awards for the various categories.


Special Olympics Unified Basketball

Adolfo Camarillo High School’s very own Unified Basketball Team played a fantastic game this past Wednesday against Simi Valley High School’s Unified Basketball Team.  The game was played in our Scorpion Dome during 3rd period.  The bleachers were full and the excitement was great!  As a Unified Champions School, Camarillo High School’s program promotes a socially inclusive climate where acceptance, respect and human dignity for all students is the norm.  At the end of the game, athletes and spectators alike left the gym with such a good feeling.




Counselor Corner

Our counselors have been very busy this week visiting our feeder schools.  They have been handing out registration information packets to the 8th grade students and talking to them about their options next school year.  The students are being instructed to take these packets home and discuss with their parents the options and opportunities available to them next year.


Senior Incentives

This week an announcement was made to our Senior students that 3 prizes will be given away.  To be in the running, a Senior student must prove to Mr. Peterson or Ms. Westbrook by March 1st that they have:

1) applied to a 2- or 4-year college,

2) registered to vote,

3) completed the FAFSA, and

4) turned in their signed Senior Contract.

Prizes are:  One Prom Ticket, One Grad Night Ticket, or 4 VIP Graduation Seats on the Track!




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Rockey, Becky