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ACHS Weekly Update – February 22, 2019

Ground covered with snow.

Prudential Spirit of Community Award

ACHS student, Katelyn Kienitz, has been honored for her exemplary volunteer service with a President’s Volunteer Service Award.  The award, which recognizes Americans of all ages who have volunteered significant amounts of their time to serve their communities and their country, was granted by The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards program.  ACHS nominated Katelyn for national honors this fall in recognition of her volunteer service.  We are very proud of Katelyn and her dedication to serving others around her.


Academic Decathlon News

Our AcaDeca Team fared very well in their recent competition.  We received over 27 individual medals, including many gold medal victories.  We had two full academic teams in attendance!  Below are the awards our students earned:

  • Essay:
    • Bronze- Janne Salcedo
    • Gold- Edison Hanchey, Emily Chang
  • Speech:
    • Silver- Sergio Mercado
    • Gold- Huy Nguyen, Emily Chang
  • Math:
    • Bronze- Sergio Mercado
    • Silver- Edison Hanchey
  • Music:
    • Silver- Jacob Speth, Emily Chang
    • Gold- Sergio Mercado
  • Economics:
    • Bronze- Janne Salcedo
    • Silver- Sergio Mercado
  • Art:
    • Silver- Joshua Lau
    • Gold- Janne Salcedo, Emily Chang
  • Science:
    • Silver- Sergio Mercado, Edison Hanchey
    • Gold- Jack Cadenhead, Emily Chang
  • Language & Literature:
    • Bronze- Janne Salcedo
    • Silver- Huy Nguyen
    • Gold- Emily Chang
  • Social Science:
    • Bronze- Emily Chang
  • Team Spirit Award:
    • Jacob Speth
  • Highest Individual Score Award:
    • Huy Nguyen, Sergio Mercado

Information Nights

On Tuesday and Thursday nights this week our Principal, Kim Stephenson, held Information Nights for parents of incoming Freshmen.  The meetings were held in our Student Cafeteria, with a power point presentation, speakers, and many ACHS elective teachers presenting information at tables around the room.  The parents in attendance were able to gather valuable information and ask questions to help them make decisions about their student’s classes for their high school years.


Weather News

Yesterday proved to be a newsworthy weather day here at ACHS.  We had hail and sleet on campus around 1:30 pm!  It was cause for great excitement!  The evidence was captured in these pictures!




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