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ACHS Weekly Update – April 5, 2019

A school building. There is an inscription on it: Welcome to Adolfo Camarillo High School.

Scorpion Showcase

We held our annual Open House last week.  It was a fun and special evening for all who attended.  Below are some pictures from the student performances in the Gym, prior to classroom visitations.




Counselor Corner

For the past several weeks our counselors have been meeting with students on an individual basis to help them select classes for next school year.  Today this endeavor will be complete!  Next week Gary Peterson, one of our Assistant Principals, will be able to work on the Master Schedule with the data he receives from counselors.  This is a long and tedious process, like piecing together a large puzzle.  The outcome will be amazing, once finished.


CAASPP Testing

This week, Tuesday through Friday, our 11th grade students have been taking the CAASPP Test.  The English part of the test has been administered in the students’ English classes.  Next week our 11th grade students will be taking the Math portion of the test in their Math classes.  Our entire student body has been on a Block Bell Schedule this week due to the CAASPP Testing.  We will continue with the Block Bell Schedule next week as well while the CAASPP Testing is finishing up.  When we return from Spring Break, our Regular Bell Schedule will be back in effect.


Creative Collaboration

Collaboration comes in many different places, many styles and at many different times.  Recently our Drama teachers, Daryl Myers and Joe Alba, collaborated with Wood Shop teacher, Peter Wachtel, discussing ideas for stage sets.  Under Mr. Wachtel’s direction, his students are now building sets for the next drama production which begins later this month.  Students and teachers helping each other.  Great things!  Scorpion pride!




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