Adolfo Camarillo High School

EST. 1956

A Double Header for The Stinger!

Best of SNO. Statistics and ranking
School Newspapers Online, the online service that publishes the Stinger and all other OUHSD online news websites, evaluates hundreds of submissions everyday and chooses very few for the honor of “Best of SNO.”
With the story on Wednesday, October 9th, Marcella Barneclo, the Stinger’s Editor in Chief, quickly claimed that honor with a story that is one of the best the Stinger has produced in many years.  Click here to view her story.
Donny Robbins wrote the latest story on the WASC accreditation at our school and now, for the first time ever, twice in a row–we’ve achieved a “Best of SNO” (School Newspapers Online) for his work. This has also moved us to number 49 in the nation of over 1500 schools with SNO for readership.  Click here to view his story.
Mark Storer
ACHS Journalism Adviser
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Abigail Santana