Adolfo Camarillo High School

EST. 1956

Attendance Procedures

Web Graphic - Attendance
Student attendance and participation is required for 180 school days per SB 98.  This includes classes taught through Distance Learning.  Below are some key points:
1.  Students logging into Google Classroom MUST use the bitly link check in form Monday through Friday, every period.  
2.  Students logging into Canvas do not need to complete a form, EVER.  This is due to Canvas having a built in report that records student check ins.
3.  Teachers submit attendance in Synergy TVUE for each period.
  1. Students who are present are to be left blank (present)
  2. Students who are absent are marked as UV (unverified)
4.  Students who are marked UV but later met with the teacher that day (via phone, zoom etc.) will be changed to TV (teacher verified) – by the teacher.
5.  Friday Schedule

Period 1        9:30 – 10:45
Period 2       10:53 – 12:08
Lunch           12:08 – 12:44
Period 3       12:52 – 2:07
Period 4       2:15 – 3:30

Some reminders about Friday Tutorial classes:

  1. Attendance at the live synchronous google meets is MANDATORY.  You will be marked absent if you do not attend.  Synchronous instruction will be between 15 and 60 minutes.  Please remember to also fill out your google form if your teacher is using Google Classroom.
  2. No new instruction will be given.  Students will be able to ask questions of their teachers, work on asynchronous work, etc.
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