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Bell Schedule Change for 2021-2022


Fellow Scorps,

I am extremely proud and excited to let you know about a bell schedule change that will begin in the Fall of next year!  Through our WASC process, we identified the need to create a bell schedule that provides more for our students.  In a collaborative effort, our bell schedule committee took input from students, parents, teachers and staff alike.  Some of the main priorities were:

  • to offer intervention to students (built into the school day)
  • to offer more flexibility to allow students to take more courses
  • to allow weekly collaboration and professional development time to our faculty and staff
  • to allow time for social emotional check-ins

There will be more information to come but I did want to let everyone see this as soon as possible.  This ultimately was a vote of the teachers and passed overwhelmingly with an 81% approval.  This is something ACHS has been working on for over 15 years and we are excited to see it happen 🙂

The schedule will involve:

  • Two “regular” days (Monday and Tuesday) where students will see all of their teachers.  
  • Two “block schedule” days (Wednesday and Thursday) where students will see half of their teachers for an extended amount of time (intervention built into the end of this time each period)
  • One late start day (Friday) that will have time for faculty professional development and collaboration.  This day will also include a social emotional component built in.
  • Period 7 is an optional period that will involve only certain classes.  A “normal” student will be taking periods 1-6.
  • Please note that school must begin at 8:30AM next year due to new State guidelines.

I hope you are as excited as I am to begin our new schedule next year!

Mr. La Belle

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Abigail Santana