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 General Information

Adolfo Camarillo High School expects all students to be in their assigned classroom with all necessary materials before the tardy bell rings. Good attendance is a shared responsibility between the student and parent.  We expect parents to send their children to school each day on time and to report any absence within 3 school days.  We expect students to arrive at each class on time, to stay at school and to discuss attendance issues with their parents. It is important that students attend class regularly and on time, except in cases of illness or emergency. Student attendance has a direct correlation with academic performance. Excessive absences or tardies in a class and failure to complete makeup work may result in a grade of “Fail” for that class.

The state of California enforces a Compulsory Education Law (EC48200). Students are expected to attend school regularly until age 18 unless they:
  1. Graduate from High School
  2. Pass the California High School Proficiency Exam.
  3. Obtain (at age 16-17) written parental permission to withdraw due to full-time employment with continuing education in Adult School.

 Reporting Absences

All absences must be reported to the Attendance Office within 3 school days.

The best methods for reporting are:
  1. Respond to the same-day Parent Square notification, sent in the afternoon. You’ll receive a confirmation email.
  2. Call Attendance Hotline Message Center 805-389-6437
  3. Submit written absence note/doctor’s note
The following information must be provided to report an absence:
  • Student’s Name
  • Student’s ID number
  • Date(s) of absence (include the time arrived/released for partial day absence)
  • Reason for absence
  • Parent/guardian name and signature

 Partial Day Absences

Arriving Late
When a student arrives late to school, a parent or guardian must report the absence via one of the methods above, and the student must stop by the office to obtain a tardy slip.
Early Release
For early release, please make sure to follow off campus pass procedures. If a student leaves without an off-campus pass, attendance cannot be excused due to closed campus policy.

 ACHS Closed Campus Policy

The Oxnard Union High School District has adopted a closed campus policy for each of the high schools. Once students arrive at school, they must remain on campus until the end of the school day, unless they have brought written authorization from their parents/guardians and received permission from school authorities to leave for a specific purpose. Students who leave campus without such authorization shall be classified as truant.

 Off Campus Procedures

  • Off-campus Requests cannot be submitted after 2:45PM
  • If parents need to pick up their student, please check them out through the front office and obtain a PINK off-campus pass.
    • Note that summoning a student to the office may take on average about 15 minutes.
  • Written requests may be submitted for an off-campus pass. The STUDENT is responsible to pick up pass from the office BEFORE they leave.
    • Submit note at Office Window 3 before school begins
    • Pass pick-up is during Nutrition Break or Lunch
  • If returning to school, bring the PINK off-campus pass back to the office and obtain a readmit slip.
  • If your student is feeling ill during class, they must obtain a written pass from the teacher to report to the health office.

 Doctor Notes with PE Restrictions

If your student has a doctor’s note which requests excusal from PE or activity restrictions, please submit to the Health Office to discuss possible accommodations.

 Scorpion Academy Information

ACHS now offers Scorpion Academy, a new Saturday program! Scorpion Academy is a blend of academic and enrichment opportunities for students to make up a full-day absence from their attendance record. Students participate in two class periods. One is academic based, and one is enrichment based. Examples of Academic classes may include reading/writing or other subject lessons, course work tutoring. Examples of Enrichment classes may include College Application workshop, arts lessons, extracurricular activities.

Students must sign up by the end of Nutrition Break on the Wednesday before 
the desired Scorpion Academy date. A new sign-up link for each session will be posted below.

SIGN UP FORM FOR SATURDAY, OCTOBER 19TH. https://forms.gle/wuvva2PjoC2hbYW19

Please note: This is a voluntary program that students can sign up for, to make up a previous full-day absence. If a student is already assigned due to excessive absences/tardies or other incident, DO NOT use this form. Student is already on the roster.
Please see the document below for more details:


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