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COVID-19 Information

If your child is ill with cough, fever, sore throat, headache, and/or body aches

Please test your child for COVID-19 before sending them to school.  Over-the-counter COVID tests are available at each school site and may be picked up and administered at home.  If your child tests negative, but still feels ill, consider keeping them home and testing again in 2-3 days, or consult your child's physician.  You may also consult our Guidelines for Keeping Ill Children at Home.

If your child has been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19

Please monitor your child for symptoms.  They may remain in school unless they develop symptoms or test positive for COVID-19.  It is recommended that your child get tested for COVID-19 within 3-5 days after the last date they were exposed (or sooner, if they start to show symptoms).  Home test kits are available at the school site upon request.  Wearing a mask is highly recommended for 10 days from the date of last exposure.

If your child tests positive for COVID-19

Please keep your child home and notify the attendance office and school nurse as soon as possible.  Your child should isolate at home for at least 5 days after the onset of symptoms (count the day of symptom onset as day zero).  Your child may return to school following these guidelines:

  • Your child may return on day 6 or later if they test negative on day 5 (or later).  A rapid antigen or home test kit are both acceptable.  Please send a picture of the negative test with name, the date and time of the test, and ID number.  Your child must also be feeling better and not have had a fever in the 24 hours prior to returning to school (without use of fever reducing medication).  
  • Or your child may return on day 11 without need for a negative test.  They should be feeling better and not have had a fever in the 24 hours prior to returning to school (without use of fever reducing medication).

Quarantine & Isolation Guidance

When reporting your student is Covid-19 positive, please provide the following information. By doing so, we will be able to update your students' attendance and you will also receive a return email with isolation dates and guidelines from the School Nurse. 
Things to include if COVID POSITIVE:

  • Date of Symptom onset 
  • Date of test with or without symptoms 

 The quarantine Period is determined by:
Start of Symptoms +1 day.  For example, symptom onset on 9/1/22, the count starts on 9/2/22 for a total of 10 FULL days. Making 9/11/22 day 10 and return to school on 9/12/22.
 If no symptoms, the count starts on the day the test was taken which resulted in a positive outcome. For example, a test is taken on 9/1/22, the count starts on 9/1/22 for a total of 10 FULL days. Making 9/12/22 day 10 and returning to school on 9/13/22. 
***A NEGATIVE TEST is NOT required to return to school AFTER completing the quarantine period.*** 


Your child should email their teachers to get work and assignments.