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General Information

1. Drive slow – We have students and faculty walking on the roads and parking lots to get to classes. Please give the right of way to the pedestrians.

2. Observe pedestrians in cross walks – We have several cross walks on campus. Please make sure pedestrians have completely left the cross walks before driving through.

3. Parking stalls – Please only park in designated parking stalls. The parking lots have been designed and marked off to allow enough room for two way traffic and large vehicles. If you park outside the marked stalls you may block traffic.

4. Bicycle, skateboard, and pedestrian safety - Please click here to view the memo from the Ventura County Sheriff's Office that discusses bicycle, skateboard and pedestrian safety. 

Drop Offs And Parking


  • Parents drop students off in the Lower parking lot. Please drive all the way in and drop your students off by the coned off area. Students enter the campus through the AG area. They will walk up to the cafeteria area (Faculty Cafeteria) to be checked in.  Parent volunteers will be handing students maps and helping them find their way around campus.
  • There is also a legal drop off zone on Mission Oaks Blvd. along side the campus as well as across and west of the campus. Students who get dropped off across or walk can cross with the crossing guard to enter in the front of the school. Students will go to A-1  to be checked in and exit at the gate to the west of the main office.

THERE IS NO DROP OFF IN THE FRONT OF THE SCHOOL! (If a special circumstance, please contact Martha Valles at (805) 389-6406, or email her at


  • Student parking is in the UPPER AND LOWER LOT, only. (If a special circumstance, please contact Martha Valles at (805) 389-6406, or email her at
  • Students will need a parking permit to park on campus.
  • Students enter campus from the Upper Lot by the pool and Lower Lot through AG and exit campus to the Lower Lot at the ramp.




school site safety plan


Ryan Pariso
Assistant Principal
(805) 561-9159

Deputy Eric Wiatt
School Resource Officer
(805) 484-6214